House rules: Playtesting Battle Report

I wanted to start a new thread on our HR's with updates based upon our playtesting. I won't put it all in one post, rather I'll make a series of posts.


Federation vessels have no drones or plasma. The HW remains the photon torpedo. We do not use the plethora of fighters available, rather only a few. They are either phaser-only or the photon torpedo is the HW. Normal loading rates apply per normal rules.

The Federation uses the ASW (Anti-Seeking Weapon). This uses the same chart as the ADD (and has been relabeled on the SSD). The ASW munition has an electrical discharge that damages the target, rather than pellets like the ADD. The munition is effective against drones & shuttles as per normal ADD rules. Additionally, the munition is useable against plasma. Basically stated, the ASW munition does 6 points of damage against drones & shuttles (& fighters). That 6 points of damage converts to 3 points of damage against plasma i.e. reduces the plasma warhead by 3 points. It has a 12 space rail like the ADD i.e. has 12 ASW munitions with two reloads.

Rationalization: The Fed would have developed a dual purpose defensive weapon that is useful against the majority of ships it is likely to face in battle. Useable against the drone as well as the plasma races. Also useable for general shuttle defense as well. This allows a Federation ship changing borders without having to change out munitions for a G-rack.

Playtesting results:

This has worked out well for the Fed. It isn't an overpowering modification, but has proven useful against the various ships the Fed usually faces. It is just as useful as the ADD against drone ships. It also provides a bit of defense against plasma without being 'too' good. Just one torpedo can drain the rack (if the Fed is running out the torp) but it allows for a bit of flexibility at crucial moments. It has worked very well and both the Feds and BP are happy.

I have tried something

I have tried something similar because I dislike the idea of the Federation having drones. In my version I made a simple rule that Fed G-racks were only able to load ADDs. I haven't tried anything with the fighters yet but I have been thinking that a light photon rule could be used to replace the I rails.

It seems like SVC has become more and more opposed to photons overtime. For example the recent F-101 fighter and the inability for it and the F-111 to carry a photon pod in the bay.

The light photon for a

The light photon for a fighter is an excellent idea. Perhaps even going so far as 4 points damage as a normal warhead and 2 points if used as a proximity.

Using the G-rack as an ADD is a viable solution. We liked the ASW as it gives a little something for those Fed ships on facing BP.

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Kzinti: Kzinti are the


Kzinti are the premier drone using race for our FTF games. Primarily we use the Type I and IV drones. We use some specialty drones occasionally such as the ATG, spearfish and swordfish. And we use B & C racks.

The Kzinti also use the ADD system.

In regards to the HW, Kzinti use the Hyper-drone. HD's come in two flavors; Hyper-drones and Heavy Hyper-drones. A HD is a one space weapon like the type I drone, the HHD is a two-space weapon like the type IV. A HD may fire twice per turn with an 8-impulse delay. A HHD may fire once per turn.

HD takes 4 points of damage to destroy and causes 8 points of damage. It is on the map for a maximum of 2-impulses with a 40 hex range. The HHD takes 6 points to destroy and 12 point of damage inflicted. HD's and HDD's count against the control channels while they are in flight.

In battle, the Kzinti has proven very strong, but not any more so than other races. This is my sons favorite race and he's pretty aggressive with the ship, usually to good effect.

The HD/HDD offers a nice challenge in that it isn't a true DF weapon, but not a true seeker either. Combined with regular drones and an aggressive over-run it can be a very formidable vessel.

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