Anyone attending GenCon or hosting events there this year?

I'm new to SFB, but I'll be there and I'd love to play if there's an opportunity.


There are SFB events at GenCon; I don't think they have had a format tournament there for a number of years, but I'm pretty sure that folks regularly run scenarios or goofy group games (like "Assassin" kind of games). I'm also pretty sure that for the last few years, there have been FedCom events and there will probably be the A Call To Arms:SFB there this year.

It is worth looking in the Conventions area of the official BBS for discussion on GenCon


Well, the official BBS discussion thread on GenCon is remarkably quiet currently--only, like, 3 posts in the last year, one of which is a schedule of future dates and the other of which is a joke about the world ending in 2012. So no new yet. But still, there are usually SFB events.


The official events listing was released last night, and there are no SFB games on the schedule. I was even more surprised to see that there were no ADB games at all on the list! If not SFB, I expected to at least see some FedCom.

I would be inclined to write this off to GenCon being a mostly RPG and CCG convention, but there were a number of other space battle games, including several ACTA games. But even those were set in Babylon 5 not SFU!

I'm new around here, so can someone explain this to me? Do the SFU games really have that small a following, or is it just that the entire fanbase is at Origins instead of GenCon?

SFU games

have a fairly large following ,(one would think, because they seem to hang in there as a business entity) but no real leadership from the top when it comes to organizing events.

If you are looking for a convention with a very good sfb event, look no further than Council of Five Nations near Albany NY in October. Again, it's primarily the tireless efforts of a fan/player, Dave Cheng, that makes SFB so good at Council, not ADB. I think promotional effort like Dave's is what it takes nowadays, because you aint gonna get it from ADB.

It's a shame there's no

It's a shame there's no presence at a Con with almost 40,000 attendance. If I'd been introduced to all this a few months earlier, I'd have happily taken up the banner myself.

In the meantime, I guess I'll make plans to be at Council this year!