A New Galaxy! Check it!

I see people with imaginations here, who like to try (quoting Monty Python) "something completely different. I issue a challenge (imagine me slapping your face with my glove). But not duel. Something more....

Enough amateur dramatics. I've just started to build my Empire. I posted a couple of pieces of tech here. I would like four to six of us to each make an Empire with all original tech. We do a sketch write up, see what we are making, and create the warring inhabitants of another galaxy.

In you are interested... post back!!!


Like it

Good place for the Dalian Sway. I have a full empire of ships built (see threat on Minelayers). Originally I had them just outside the Tholian Home Galaxy, but I have no problem with them getting moved. Our main weapons are Mine Casters and WSP (Web and Shield Penetrating) Cannons. I've change the WSP name four or five times already, so that can change too. I just need a way to post the SSDs.


You can always use a free service like Google's Picasa. They host, and make nice gallerys which can be linked to. If you have Gmail, you have Picasa. Here is a link to a graphic on my Picasa account: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ni_Sh0QUZ_s/TjIHO_TOnoI/AAAAAAAAAaE/Z...

Another option I have a lot of space on my hosting account. I'm using something like 650MB out of 10GB. They keep giving me more space. I stated with 1GB when I first got the hosting account. But this would mean another step: you do them and then they go to me to post, then I send the links back. I don't mind, but there might be delays. Anyway, I can host them and then they can be linked to from anywhere.

I still need to find out how to make the make this site display the picture inline on the post itself. There is no -like tags.

I'm in.

I had originally envisioned my cuttlefish people in the Sargasso Sector, but they could just as easily be somewhere else. Their heavy weapon has no overload function but there's a synergistic effect if more than one hits you at the same time.
Now I just need to come up with a good name for them and actually write up the SSDs. That'll wait until after vacation though.

Have Gmail

But only because it came with the phone. I 'll have to check on it. I can send you a couple. Probably the CA and DD.

Thanks Eric for hosting

Now I have to find out how to post the link as a link. Oh well, cut and paste works for now.

Here the link to my Dalian Sway CA. With it's Large Mine Casters on the shoulders and WSP Cannons and PH-3 everywhere else.


Wow it worked

Didn't think it would post as a link the way it was working.

Since I'm partial to destroyers, here it is...


They are cool. I am going to

They are cool. I am going to get one up this week, then we can all work on the galaxy.

What us the background that you crated so far I know it was in the SFU, but still, its a good start.

Needs rewritten

Originally had them in a satelite cluster outside of the Tholian Home Galaxy. Tholia (while still in power) tried to invade, but the Sway invented the WSP Cannon to shot through web, and accidently found that it works against shields too. The Sway couldn't move through web, so they made the webcaster to seed the webs used against them. That way the THO couldn't get through either. After a long stalemate, they eventually became friends. The friendship became so good that they became a safe haven for some THO ships when their subjects rebelled.

I assume that the New Galaxy won't be the THG, so I will need to rethink this all though. At last count I have 37 ships, 3 PFs and 2 fighters designed.

Is there an "approved" ship

Is there an "approved" ship construction system?



To my knowledge


That was something that was deemed "never to occur" as it could lead to all sorts of "officially constructed" ships that people would want to play that weren't "balanced" appropriately.

I've seen various attempts, and there was a campaign tech tree that was presented in the Campaign Designer's Handbook, and I worked on one many years ago. But I don't think you'll ever see anything official.

In Star Letter Vol 2, Issues

In Star Letter Vol 2, Issues 1 and 3, Bruce McGraw wrote a system to make ships sort of for SFB. I say that because it makes ships based on its own points that don't match SFB in the least (although some kind of formula could be made to do so). It was intended to makes ships on the fly to fight against, so you would get a lump of design points and you make your ship via the guidelines presented. Most races were in there, and it worked pretty good. This was supposed to be turned into its own book, but was dropped for whatever reason.

In it you would decide the size of the ship and set the Move Cost of it. Then you jot down the base hull package, consisting of the base numbers of warp, btty, systems. The next table adjusts the base packages for each empire, for instance, a Klingon ship with a move cost of 1 would remove 18 shield points (dividing it on all sides), lose 2 hull boxes, and gain 3 SCTY and 3 TRANS.

Nexy you take a base weapon package based on your race and move cost. So the Klingon with move 1 gets 4 x DISR-30, 3 x B-Racks, 4 x P1, 4 x P2, and 2 x P3.You then get a number of CPV based on race and move cost to buy other stuff for the ship.

Next you hit the tables and buy components. The more you buy of a system, the more it costs. To add 1 trans to the Klingon above would cost 2, another for 2, and the next for 4 points. Top buy 5 or more jumps to 8 points per trans. This means you could lump a lot of a system, or extra weapons on a ship, but the ship will be deficient in other areas. Thats kind of the point of the system, to tune it to what you want the ship to be its mission, while other uses are less well covered.

It then covered how to get the rest of the stats for the ship (such as breakdown), and then how to turn your notes into an SSD.