Directional Charged Armor

Here is the second defense technology for my new race. It is similar to Juggernaut armor, but has a system to block transporters.

(DCA.0) Directional Charged Armor
This is the passive defense of Missionary ships. The operate exactly like regular armor except for their directionality and ability to be charged to prevent transport.

(DCA.1) Directionality
Missionary ships have six armor groups each covering one hex-face. They only block damage that hits that hex-side.

(DCA.2) Charged Armor
For 1 energy, all of the armor groups can be charged to become opaque to transporter frequencies, this blocking all transport like shields. The charging can be dropped at anytime during the Operate Shields step of the Marine Activity stage. This drops the protection from all sides, making it more risky that races with regular shield technology.Once dropped it cannot be reactivated for ¼ turn (8 impulses). There is no energy cost to reestablish the charge in the same turn.

If the armor is not charged during energy allocation, it cannot be charged by reserve power for ¼ turn.

(DCA.3) Repair
Damage to directional charged armor cannot be repaired using continuous repair. It may only be repaired at a repair facility.

Sounds like

Jindarian armor belts with the ATF built-in.

The Rock People?

Jindarians are those asteoid dwellers, right? I've never read about them. I think that in the end the tech may be similar, but will work slightly differently.


Huge armor belts on each of the six facings, and they have an anti-transporter field that keeps you from beaming through it.