Nullification Burst Generators

This is a system for a race I am creating. This is their defense instead of shields. It is backed up by directional armor (like Juggies have). This is only a draft. If you think it could be improved, you have permission to be verbose.

(NBG.0)Nullification Burst Generator
This is the active defense system of the Missionaries. It creates a burst of negative energy that cancels incoming damage. Unlike shields, it is activated in response to damage, does not deplete, and is omnidirectional. It is used in tandem with directional armor. They are also mountable on shuttles.

(NBG.1) Designation
Each nullification burst generator is marked “NB” on the SSD. All generators have 360-degree arcs.

(NBG.2) Readying
Nullification bursts generators have integrated capacitors in them that can hold up to five energy points each. Each capacitor feeds only one generator and cannot be transferred to another. This energy is placed into the capacitors during the energy allocation phase. Any unused energy in the capacitor is carried over to the next turn.

(NBG.3) Activation
Whenever a volley of damage strikes the ship on any hex facing, the player controlling the defending ship can activate any or all of the ship’s nullification burst generators, as long as power is either available from the generators capacitors or reserve power. The nullification burst is applied against the volley before it passes to the ship (hitting the directional armor on that hex-face first).

Each generator may be activated multiple times in the same impulse, but only once per generator against the same volley. The player must announce how many generators are being activated before rolling any dice. Once rolled, no more generators may be activated against that volley.

(NBG.31) Transporters
A nullification burst can also be made against attempts to use a transporter against the vessel. Activating a generator automatically blocks all the transporters that impulse. If multiple ships are transporting on the same impulse, each generator can only block transports from one ship. The transporting ship loses energy paid to activate transporters.

(NBG.4) Energy Cost
Each generator costs one point of power per activation.

(NBG.5) Effect
For each nullification burst generator activated against a volley, a d6 is rolled. The total of the roll is deducted from the volley as if a shield was in the way. If the leaky shield rule is in effect, the burst effect does not leak.

(MISS.6) Damage
Nullification burst generators are damaged on TORPEDO hits. Stored energy in that generator’s capacitor is lost if the generator is disabled.

Drone damage

How would it work against a drone? It is a contact detonation that occurs when it hits a shield or ship hull. I see it working good against proximity drones.


You are out on your two week patrol and haven't had a blip of trouble. You have a couple of points in the NBG batteries because you’re not in a fight and have plenty of power. Suddenly, BOOM... you run into a NSM. With the suddenness and surprise, do you have enough time to activate? Now a different scenario: You are in a fight, but the other guy is on the other side of the map for the turn readying for another run at you next. BOOM, another mine and again you are caught completely by surprise. Enough time to active? Or is there an auto setting?

Good points. I hadn't crossed

Good points. I hadn't crossed that yet, so I left it out. What would you do?

Drones don't contact

They're proximity fused, which is why EW can have a partial effect. Same with plasma torpedoes.
If each NBG can cancel 1-6 points of incoming damage, how many generators do you envision on each ship class?

I count each generator as 3.5

I count each generator as 3.5 shield points. So on a CA probably 5, with 15 points of armor. Needs some playtesting.