The SFBOC Tandem Story

Tandem stories are a form of writing in which each successive paragraph is written by a different author. The process is simple. I will write the first paragraph of a short story. A visitor to this site will read the first paragraph, and then add a another paragraph to the story.The next visitor will then add a third paragraph, and so on back and forth. The story is over when an obvious conclusion has been reached. Lets make it a good one!


Commander Algeron Komar sat straight and rigid in the command chair of the D6 Klingon Battle Cruiser ‘Havoc’. It had been nearly three weeks since he’d taken command, and he was still fuming! He’d been expecting command of a D7 Battle Cruisers or one of the newer D5 War Cruisers, not an older D6 that should have been sent to the mothball reserves ten years ago. It was an insult and an outrage! Too much for a warrior of his caliber to endure, but being a warrior and an Officer he had accepted the command nonetheless.

For a relic of a ship it wasn’t terrible he thought. At least the boom phaser battery had been updated to full type one mounts and targeting systems. But still….a D6! And even worse, he’d been assigned to the relatively quiet Kzinti-Federation-Klingon border section rather than Hydran or Tholian borders where a true warrior could show what he was worth in glorious battle! Ah, battle…glorious battle!

Well he mused, perhaps even here in the ‘armpit’ of the Alpha Octant one could both serve the Empire and garner glory.

And then...

he was stabbed.




"Computer, end program!" As the holo shut down, it was easy to tell the observer was upset.

"What part of realistic did you people not understand? These simulations are pointless if they can't get basic details right. D6 Battle Cruisers are assigned to Captains, not Commanders. And do you really think they would waste Class 1 Phasers on the D6's? Come on people, read the intelligence reports! And the stabbing...good lord! Three weeks? Try three minutes! Get it right, and get it done!" The observer stormed out of the viewing room, leaving his popcorn behind.

(IOW, nice try IKVAvenger. It's too easy to snark on Captain's Log Klingons though - like Klingon Justice, it's a unique point of view.)

Well, so much for that idea.

Well, so much for that idea. Just thought it would be fun.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser


I'm sorry I threw a wet blanket on your story. Sometimes I'm not as funny as I think I am.

No worries.

No worries.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

It CAN be fun

but I'm not sure this is the best setting for it. People like stabby ADB Klingons here, you know?

With these wet blankets you

With these wet blankets you could send pretty good smoke signals.

Yeah, I think the signal's clear

Let's look at it from across the border: If the initial paragraph was a Federation commander getting a light cruiser, the chances of the next entry being

...and then he had sex with a junior officer...

is a sucker's bet. There's a reason for the never-ending pleading for submissions, and it's not because of a lack of volunteers, even with the depleted player base. Restrict your templates too much and treat people badly on a whim, and you end up with a pool of one writer to do business with.

This didn't have anything to

This didn't have anything to do with ADB though. A tandem story such as this can transcend the standard canon. I allows for much more freedom and is limited only by the input of the contributing authors.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Since the story is dead, how about a question?

Here is a question.

Given that any story submitted to ADB becomes their property and given that using exclusive SFU elements in a story could make publication a dicey matter for copyright infringement...

If ADB rejects a story for whatever reason and grants the author permission to post that story as long as an explanation of why the story was rejected by ADB is included, would it be faux pas to post it somewhere here? Or would it even be desirable?

Given what SVC posted about copyright today (20-Feb)

An interesting answer it should prove, after someone does their better research.

Part 3 (picking this up)

The cadets in the simulator room erupted into laughter, bringing a burning feeling in the pit of Cadet Johnathas Parker's guts. Laughing hardest was Paul Gauge, the cadet who had just humiliated him by giving him false data on the mission.

That was years ago, but it seems like yesterday. It still burns.

Parker downed the acid reducer that Doctor Luis gave him. "Captain, I've tried everything, but you keep getting these acid attacks. I think you should get your digestive tract replaced with a synthetic..."

"I am not getting fake guts. I need these guts."

Luis looked Parker in the eyes, "John, I'm trying to help you. You can't go on like this, in pain almost every day. Why won't you get the Synth-G.I.Trak? It does everything, even makes your excrement multi-colored and smells like fruit trees. Everyone's getting them."

"Not me. These guts remind me that mistakes are something you can't change. I live with this pain like my mistakes. It makes careful, vigilant. You can't change a mistake."

"How Shakespearean of you. As MO I can order you..." The whistle of the com link interrupted. The lilting voice of communications officer Sara White filled the room, "Captain. The shuttle just docked. You wished to be notified."


Parker walked the corridor to the shuttle bay. He had a bounce in his step not usual to him. If anyone in the crew noticed, they knew to say nothing. Just then, the doors to the bay slid open. Standing in the door was someone Parker had not seen in years. Not since the pain in his guts first flared up. The man spoke. "First officer Paul Guage reporting, as you requested. Permission to come aboard."

Parker held his hand out to shake. "Permission granted." As they shook hands a sly smile came across Parker's face.

You can't change the past, he thought, but a little revenge can be a good thing. Come aboard you bastard. You will never forget this posting.