Proximity drone?

This has probably been thought of and turned down before...but...anyone ever suggest a drone with a proximity warhead? Perhaps hits as a regular drone at R0 but could be 'set' to explode at R1 for half damage (6pts) or maybe even R2 for one-fourth damage (3pts). Kinda like a starfish drone in a way i.e. gives some additional drone tactics for the mix and match, keeps the enemy guessing a bit etc.



That would, in effect, be a mobile t-bomb, which is on SVC's auto-reject list.
Unless, of course, you mean that it would only effect one target at a range of 1, like an implosion torpedo.

Yes, just like any drone or

Yes, just like any drone or specialty drone, it would affect only the intended target and no other. Sorry I didn't clarify that in the OP.

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And, like area effect weapons, which were on SVC's auto-reject list ... until they put out the Jindarians (MRG)... and the Koligahr (ACG) ...

Don't bother submitting anything on the auto-reject list. It will get rejected. Until such time as those at ADB decide to go ahead with one of those banned ideas.


True. Then there's the ban on anything that changes the movement of an opposing ship. Unless it's the Heel Nipper...

Moving Mines

I had a nice email conversation with SVC about my idea for a mine caster. I didn't get a No Way-Never type of answer, even after saying in was on the banned list. What I did get was a send it in and and we might look at it in a few years type answer. Still means "thanks, but no thanks" to me. But it did sound like a softening on his previous stances. It could have been to that the mine caster shoots to a point in space and not at ships, monster, etc. and can be avoided.