Posting SSDs on this site

It seems there is pressure being brought to bear on certain individuals to remove SSDs posted to the web, as mentioned in this thread:

We consider this yet another example of a LONG list of examples of ADB exhibiting poor customer relations. Is it possible for them to ever realize how they are driving away loyal customers who are trying to promote ADB's game(s) and generate sales for ADB?

For the record, we are happy to host fan-created, variant SSDs here. We will not bow to illegitimate pressure to remove them.

We have access to attorneys, some with a career focus in intellectual property issues. If we get what appears to be a legitimate Cease-and-desist order, we will review it with our legal counsel. If we determine it to be valid and compelling, we will then act upon it.

We've had some of these SSDs posted here for months. We have not received any requests from ADB, nor any other business entities claiming any kind of business interest and infringement thereof.

If you have fan-created, variant SSDs that you would like to post, please submit them to us.
More on that below.


Posting SSDs - Mechanics

I am happy to post your SSDs, but please know it is often hard for me to make it my first priority. I feel bad that it took me weeks to post the files that IKVAvenger Dave sent. Not only do I have to upload the files, but then I created the postings in the forum. That's what slows things down the most for me.

So, I'd like to offer some options.

If you have access to a web server of your own, you can upload the files there and link to them here.
(Pro) This leaves me out of the whole process, which is good for speed and efficiency.
(Con) You need access to upload files to a web server. This is not as difficult as it might seem to the uninitiated. There are hundreds of free web server services out there.
(Con) You need to know a little bit of HTML. It's easy - anyone can learn in 15 minutes if you're so inclined.

You send me the files. I upload them and show you the path names. You then create the forum posts that refer to the files.
(Pro) You do not need to have your own web host or do any uploading. You just email me the files.
(Con) You still need to know a little HTML to refer to the files in your posts.

You send me the files. I upload them and create the forum posts to refer to them.
(Con) The most work for me. They might sit for awhile. The more files I get, the slower things will go.

It would be great if a person or a group of persons here in the community could step up and help facilitate some of this.


A request to the community, re: File Posting

This is a call for volunteers to the SFB community reading here.

1. Free web server services
Can someone write up a post suggesting some good free (or modest fee) web server services? Explain what is involved (uploading an SSD file is often just as simple as posting a photo to Facebook).

2. Simple HTML tutorial
Can someone write up a post explaining the HTML code to have a graphic file display in the body of a forum post? Please see numerous examples in the other threads in the "SFB SSDs" forum.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays to everyone. Been using

Been using them now for a decade. You can have a free site with banners or pay a few bucks a month for a banner-free site. Don't know if it the same as what you're looking for, but it is what I've been using and pics can be uploaded, 40 to a page.

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is still around too.
For a slightly different option, you can put the file in the Public folder of Dropbox and generate a URL from that.

This doesn't work for *all*

This doesn't work for *all* files, but if you're looking to host images (GIFs, JPEGs) such as SSDs, PhotoBucket can work fine and is free. It also provides you with the HTML code to share the image on forums such as this one.

Downside, of course, is that they have a mechanic for "reporting" images that are objectionable, so they wouldn't have the "shield" of being hosted here... any GIA monkey could hit "report" and have the photo / SSD removed if they so chose, as far as I know. Whether that would actually HAPPEN is beyond me. I suspect any outside hosted media would share the same vulnerability, if not the same ease of making go away.

But it is free and easy to use.


If you say that ADB has not contacted you formally or informally with a takedown notice, then I think it is a stretch for you to characterize the comments on the linked thread as poor customer relations by ADB.

The posting on the thread you referenced is a third party fan. As this is an "open community" his posts and opinions therein are a byproduct of the mission of this forum, as I see it.

As you know, ADB has a posted web policy, one which tolerates third party original SSDs posted on unauthorized websites, within the limits stated therein.

If the poster somehow characterized himself as a an "agent" of ADB, this is clearly a self appointed role. And by ADB I mean the real legal entity, not the associated fans with plaques on their BBBs.

ADB may encourage fans to report infringing material, but I believe in most cases ADB is going to bother with sending takedown notice to those (rather plentiful) torrent scans of the printed rulebooks and other verbatim material. And as you mention, they didn't contact you. I don't think ADB has ever encouraged any third parties to confront anybody directly. So in doing so, I think this is strictly the opinion of the poster.

Furthermore, ADB can hardly be faulted if their contract with Paramount requires them to forward the link to any material which may infringe upon Paramounts IP. Furthermore, if Paramount, or whomever other than ADB were to send a takedown notice for material within an SSD which is not ADB's IP, I just don't see how ADB can be criticized for it.

It would seem perfectly possible that hypothetically IP of someone other than ADB may be posted. In which case, the posting of a third party fan is not "illegitimate," but just good advice. How is it poor customer relations that ADB in their web policy discourages fan infringement of non ADB IP? Are you suggesting that good customer relations on the part of ADB would be, as you imply this website will provide, to put legal resources to defend fans and fan sites against claims of infringement? This seems like a risky expense for any business on the behalf of their customers, and impossible for a small outfit like ADB.

Lastly, DC, if you are a moderator of this forum, as a piece of friendly advice, I would suggest you have your procedure by which you personally post content provided by someone other than yourself reviewed by an attorney. I would be concerned that such actions could be construed as vetting or approval of the material, and expose you or the forum to liability.

As a note for consideration,

As a note for consideration, I've had a very nice talk with Jean via email today. She has been very nice and helpful to me in the past on various things. She has requested that I simply submit my SSD's to ADB with the normal terminology such as done by folks like the PHD shipyard. And to simply mark my house rule SSD's as such. This seems very reasonable to me. Additionally, I've been asked not to do tourny SSD's but that it may be possible to submit them to SVC/SPP for their consideration for the reasons many of us have discussed here i.e. attracting new players via an attractive visual. Again, that seems very reasonable to me. I will work on the tourny SSD's and submit them for their consideration.

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Don Miller here.

Don Miller here. Yep, I took my page down. Got an email from Joel Shutts at ADB on 12/20, saying:


As the owners of SFB, we need you to update your page to comply with our web policy.

What you have done is a "derivative work" which requires permission of the underlying copyright holder (us).

The link above establishes a way, used by hundreds of others, to automatically obtain that permission.


My response (same day):

I have removed the offending web page.

You should probably remove the links to my page from your page, since my site is an unauthorized site.

I was one of the first people to apply to be an authorized site, in 1999 (or perhaps earlier). I never heard back. For years I did add the text "Copyright ADB, status pending", but stopped doing that after a few years, since the policy was clearly being unenforced (many other SFB sites did the same).

In order for my site to be authorized now, if I understand your policy, I would have to take all of my content down, add the copyright clauses, then wait 30 days until I could put it back up. With close to 2000 SSDs, and the fact that I've moved on to other games, I just don't have the time to make this happen. Thus I have taken the simpler route of removing the page.

Thank you


Joel responded:


You don't have to wait 30 days, but of course, you don't have to put the SSDs back either.


I will note that ADB is still (9 days later) linking to my page.

It is possible that I have over-reacted to Joel's email. However, this is a copyright threat from a company, and I had to act.

I'll copy the opinion I gave earlier this week to someone who asked me about this. I took out a couple sentences because they probably aren't correct legally.

Well, from this, and from reading their web policy, ADB appears to have the position of not wanting fan support at all on the internet (or see it at best as a nuisance). ADB doesn't understand free advertising at all. Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Minecraft, and every other game I can think of strongly supports their fan base on the internet. Magic the Gathering would have never had the EDH format without the fans. D&D has the d20 open policy; you can actually sell D&D items you write, which is awesome. Minecraft supports player made game modifications for download on the net. If these companies had ADB's draconian policy on the internet, they would not have gotten where they are now. A "few simple rules", indeed. Can you imagine if D&D required everyone who ever wrote a dungeon module to submit it for 30 days first? Possibly to have it rejected, then they can't even upload/share it?

I'm not bitter, by the way. I loved SFB and had some good times. I'm just very confused by ADB's attitude. The "few simple rules", and the fact that they actually go out finding websites to enforce it upon, is the most absurd form of over-zealous suicide I've ever seen from a company. Stopping violators of their copyrights is within their right, I just don't understand the rabidness of their pursuit. I'd think they'd be happy to have people excited about and talking about their game. There are better ways to do this, ADB. You are hurting your fan base with this policy; my page is an example.


As far as the 3rd party stuff goes, all I know is, from the other games I currently play:

1. If I made a Minecraft mod or map based on something else (say The Terminator series of movies), no one would complain. In fact, many people have done things like this for Minecraft.
2. If I made a fake Magic the Gathering expansion of Buffy The Vampire Slayer based cards, no one would complain. In fact, many people have done things like this for MTG.
3. If I made a D&D module with elements of Hercules / Xena universe, no one would complain. In fact, many people have done things like this for D&D.

The copyright/licensing issues for SFB appear to be too complicated to be actually be a fan of it. So I give up. I just want all of this to go away.

Well, anyway, I've had my rant. I still like SFB, but I've moved on to other games unfortunately, due to lack of players.


Sad but true

It's a very good way to stamp out as much interest in a game as possible. It's why I never put my SFB stuff back up after Geocities went away. Just wasn't worth it considering the hassles that ADB feels are appropriate for fan sites.

I have to state that Don's

I have to state that Don's site was one of the one's that really got me excited about the game. After his site being online for over a decade it just strikes me as odd that all of a sudden ADB is taking an interest in it. Particularly if they linked to it from the official SFB/FC website???? And it still is by the way as of this post.

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Looks like incentives are working

Getting an "Internet Kill" glory badge is getting results for ADB.

As for the why now stuff - I can only speculate it has something to do with the Mongoose deal, and wanting to tighten the external sources of information, for whatever reason(s) you might ponder on.

Or someone was in a bad mood at the right/wrong time, and felt like hammering a nail.

I agree with others that it's a shame. It is, however, not a surprise.

I agree, Don's stuff was (is) great.

Too bad fat ass kills anything he can't stamp his copyright on...
Then again, he losing millions. "Hey Steve, Attack Vector is looking better and better..."
P.S. EBAY!!!


I don't see a "Joel Shutts" listed anywhere on the website. Who is he? Is he an actual authorized agent of ADB, or is he just some dude? "Just Some Dude" hasn't got authority to do any damn thing to you.

Unfortunately, it's correct to say that unless you receive specific authorization from ADB to use their material, then you aren't permitted to use it. Putting "copyright ADB" doesn't cut it. You need to have specifically asked about the specific thing you are doing, and you need to have received permission that specifically states you can do that specific thing. That's how it works. Nothing else works.

"What about the OGL?" If you read the OGL carefully, it very clearly declares what can and cannot be republished in Open Gaming content. It's not just "do whatever you want". You can talk about Feats, but you can't reprint the description of a Feat that was published in the PHB. You can talk about Character Classes, but you can't reprint a class that was printed elsewhere. The SFB equivalent would be printing your own SSD with trademarked terms like "Warp Drive" or "AWR", or copyrighted information like the phaser damage tables.

"What about EDH?" EDH is a rules format, not a content reproduction. Yeah, players invented it, but--to put it in the context of this discussion--they weren't inventing their own cards for use with it.

"What about Minecraft?" You might be able to use Minecraft to make whatever you want, but that doesn't mean you have permission from the people who own the rights to that thing. You can make the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft, but Paramount still owns exclusive rights to depictions of that starship (except in the context of boardgames, of course.)

"bubububub people have totally done this stuff!" Yeah, the fact that some content owners play it loose doesn't mean that it's correct to do it that way. For one thing, there are just as many property owners that don't allow that sort of thing, as you may have noticed the last time you tried to play an "Aliens"-themed mod of an FPS. For another, that they let it slide doesn't mean they'll never come down on it--or that they're wrong to do it.

Let's just throw this out there: Say ADB decided that they liked your stuff, and republished in a book without telling you. What makes that wrong? (No, "it's obvious" is not the answer. What legal doctrine makes it wrong to do what ADB did in my hypothetical?)

Joel Shutts

Joel Shutts is an employee ADB. You can see a photo of him here:

I don't believe Joel is a volunteer. I believe he is paid wages by ADB.

Joel didn't ask that the web page be take down. He asked that it comply with the web policy. Which means "submitting" the material to ADB. Which means that ADB has copyright to it. Which also means ADB coul publish it in any future product if you want.


"trademarked terms like "Warp Drive""

"warp drive" isn't a trade mark. Neither is "hyperdrive", "jump drive", "skip drive", etc.

Unlike copyrights, trademarks have to be registered, and you can't trademark a name this is the description for the item. Nor can you trademark a number or common words or articles. This is why Intel stopped referring to their chips as x86, because AMD was making 486 clones, Intel sued and lost. So they came up with a proper name "Pentium"; it's also why they didn't call the successors "Hexium", "Septium", etc. They'd have to register the new names each time. $$$

"or copyrighted information like the phaser damage tables.

Actually, someone else pointed out that forms are NOT copyrightable. I had posted a link to the US Copyright Office advisory WRT games. The only thing copyrightable are works of art and the text of a rule (but not its function).

SSDs works of art?

So, can a SSD be considered a work of art?


I'm guessing the background images MIGHT be, but the rest of it is a form...


  • ADB can do whatever they want with their game. I'm not arguing whether it is legal for them to do what they are doing. I accept that they can. I do question whether they are slowly killing their own game with their Policy, as it is written.
  • AdmiralDZZI: To the contrary, when ADB asked me to comply with the Web Policy, they *are* asking me to take down my site, unless I comply. From the Policy (quoting the parts that are relevant):

    "UNAUTHORIZED SITES: The owners of these sites have found the "few simple rules" too onerous to bear and have decided to go it alone. These sites CANNOT use any ADB property in any shape, form, or manner. ... They cannot post variants of ADB-copyrighted ships (even with SSDs done over from scratch in different formats). They cannot use ADB-copyrighted weapons tables, movement cost tables, weapons tables, or other items in SSDs they create. ..."

    I had these items, so my SFB page had to go down, yes? I already said modifying 2000 SSDs is something I can't do right now. I mean, I could have kept it online, waiting for the eventual cease and desist, but why have a legal battle?

    And by the way, one of my SSDs *was* published in CL#19. So yes, I do know what submission and the clause entails. CL#19 even suggested people to go and visit Smileylich's webpage (it is the older XOOM URL link though).

  • Note that the simple act of ADB asking me to comply with the Policy suggests to me that:

    1. ADB has decided to enforce it, and to seek out websites not in compliance.
    2. Thus, I need to follow it to the letter. As in, what is actually in print in the Policy.

    (You can read the policy here: . You might want to re-read the Procedure for Submissions section.)

    This means, for example, if I make another SSD, I can't upload it to my webpage. I have to wait 30 days after submitting to ADB, then I can upload it. All along risking that ADB is going to tell me that they've decided that I can't upload it, so I've wasted hours of work on nothing. I'm sorry, this is "too onerous to bear". When I write something, I want to be able to post it. That day.

    Again, other companies don't have this problem. They may have policies to protect their copyrights, but they don't go around like hounds finding websites to kill. Websites that are promoting their product. Come on, have a little business sense. Why be so vehement about protecting your copyright? It's not like you're going to lose it or something. Let them fly under the radar. You have a Policy to protect your ass legally (and your copyright). [Yes, I'm sure people are going to rip me for this one. But it seems to me to be what other companies do.]

  • I'm confused by Joel suggesting I don't have to wait 30 days. Many of these SSDs were created after the Policy was in force (1999). I didn't submit them to ADB (following item 1 in the Procedure), so ADB has not received them for review yet. I would have to submit them and wait 30 days, in order to follow the printed Policy, yes?
    Does this imply that part 1 of the Procedure is not in effect? Or is it that the 30 day wait is not being enforced? Which parts of the Policy are actually being enforced, and which aren't?

    I don't know. I could ask Joel, but I don't actually care. Too much work and confusion. Again, it's not worth being an SFB fan.


EDIT: Some final random thoughts:
- ADB's website ( ) still has links pointing to my website. They have been in violation of their own Policy for weeks now.
- My SFB page was #9 when you google for Star Fleet Battles. Pity.
- I'm not trying to be a thorn in ADB's side. I'm just frustrated.

RE : ADB policy

""UNAUTHORIZED SITES: The owners of these sites have found the "few simple rules" too onerous to bear and have decided to go it alone. These sites CANNOT use any ADB property in any shape, form, or manner. ... They cannot post variants of ADB-copyrighted ships (even with SSDs done over from scratch in different formats). They cannot use ADB-copyrighted weapons tables, movement cost tables, weapons tables, or other items in SSDs they create. ..."


Mind you, they can state whatever policy they want, but if it isn't back up by the law, it's irrelevent.

I agree, smileylich. It's bad BUSINESS PRACTICE. Just because it's their legal right, it doesn't make it smart.

In my business (automation and controls), there is an age-old question about how much documentation one should provide to one's customer for the installed system. I fall on the "give them thorough and complete documentation" side, but there are many that are perfectly happy giving them completely undocumented and uncommented code.

Why? Because it makes it very difficult (but not impossible) for the customer or any third party to come in an make changes or troubleshoot the system, so in theory, that would require the customer to come back to you for said support. A captive audience.

The problem is, people DON'T LIKE to be stuck with one provider, even if they are happy with the service they get. It puts them at a huge level of risk, because the provider could go out of business, the people that created the system may move on to other jobs, or even die. The provider might be backlogged and unable to support the system at a critical time, which can result in an economic or safety disaster for the customer.

This then breeds resentment. I got into a discussion on LinkedIn about this topic, and the "give them nothing" crowd pontificated about their copyrights. Everything they said was true. But there is a big difference between "legal" and "sound business practice" (and in the case of automation, I'd argue "ethical" as well).

So my response to them, nearly verbatim:

"I've picked up a lot of business because my company provides complete documentation, and in several instances, we've been hired to come in a document someone else's work. So by all means, protect your copyright....we'll be waiting"

What is most telling is the

What is most telling is the number of fan site that are "authorized" on their link list. Four. And one of them isn't up anymore.

I remember when I had my site up, I had a listing of a dozen or so SFB fan sites. My how the fan base has shrunk.

Creative Commons

For those who are interested, I found reading about "Creative Commons" licensiing interesting. See and/or articles about this topic on wikipedia.

What is interesting is that US (and really international) Copyright law really has no way for a person to put a work he/or she has created into the public domain. Either a work as published meets the criteria or it doesn't. Otherwise, legally, the author gets the copyright and reserves all rights whether he/she wants them or not. Creative commons is a way of licensing those rights so that others may use them in certain ways (republish them, or make derivatives, there are several choices).

This brings up an interesting question, for posters of SSDs, just exactly what rights (if any) in their copyrights are they licensing? The default would be none.

30 days/OGL

I would interpret that ADB may approve authorized SSDs (that is, give you a license to publish their material on your website) in less than 30 days if they so choose. In the specific instance, the implication would seem to me that ADB was expecting to give approval in less than 30 days.

There is no question that this is more work with less rights than some open source licenses which a) may not require submission; and b) allow for profit derivative works. A comparison to the open gaming license is interesting. While on the one hand the OGL seems pretty generous; it does exclude material associated with "product identity". ADB doesn't make this distinction in their material in the same terms as Wizards of the Coast, but an analogy (with no bearing to ADB beyond an interesting comparison as they don't use the OGL) would be that the game rules would be the OGL parts and the SFU (history, etc) is the product identity parts.

Since ADB has not made the effort (as Wizards of the Coast did) to seperate their material into a "systems reference document" in which they were OK to be under a OGL (and not needing their review upon use) and "product identity" (restricted and requiring a negotiated license); ADB appears to be asking to review the material so they can parse it themselves. While the review is probably a preference of the business persons involved; as a practical matter I doubt ADB has had the resources to restructure their game in a clear manner like Wizards did.

What did Don Miller get in

What did Don Miller get in his Christmas stocking?
... A lump of Cole.



Too funny!

Hey, don't call him a "lump!"


Purple_Drazi: :)

Now that I've cooled off, I wasn't really updating anyway. It's been years since I posted regularly to my SFB site. Nothing really lost.

Well, all kidding aside, SVC

Well, all kidding aside, SVC is not Darth Vader and he's just running his business as he sees fit. I don't agree with every policy or move but it's his business. We can agree or disagree; support his company financial as customers, or not. It's not life or death.

As for your site, Don, I understand the sentiment. Personally I hate to see it go, as at one point it brought our group a lot of fun. But the heyday of DS9 being on the air, and having time to play SFB around the table with buddies... yeah, those days are gone for me anyway. So I hear you.

Still a shame...

All this talk

Has made me want to post a bunch of SSDs on my website (created in mid 1990s and basically untouched since mid 1990s).

Cant even remember the URL for it, but I know its there somewhere !

Honour-system bagels=87% payment rate

this article has less to do with copyright (nothing actually) and everything to do with regards to honesty and payment of freely available SSDs /content on the web.

Perhaps this isn't the best place to post, but I couldn't be bothered to look anywhere else. Feel free to move at your leisure

Just visited the PHD shipyard

Just visited the PHD shipyard website, they're shutting down. According to a message on the homepage, 'in the near future'. I'm curious if this has anything to do what happened to Don Miller?

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So long, PHD

Dunno. Pity. I just sent PHD an email thanking them for their site, and for the memories. - Don
EDIT 2: Correcting my information (received a reply from PHD):
PHD replied and said the three people running the site are quitting for various reasons.

Sad, but ...

I contacted the site owner

I contacted the site owner and she informed me it had nothing to do with anything regarding ADB or the GIA. ;) The operator of the server is retiring, and she's moving, and will no longer be able to afford to host the site.

New Home

I hope one of you guys mentioned that we'd be happy to be the new host of that material. No cost. We could move the whole URL and all the material over to our DreamHost account. We would even be willing to purchase the URL itself if that's what it took to make it happen.

That's what this site is all about.

Update - Offer Extended

I've traded emails with the site owner/manager.
We'll see how things develop.

Now that is some fantastic

Now that is some fantastic news! PHD Shipyards has really done a nice job on their SSD's. Hope it all works out well.

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Aye, thr'.

Ahoy, thr.' I'll go medium for my first post group, thr'.

...I've got some space On, and I'll be using that, any help, as on posting In the SSD sub-forums, would be at adequate level (...eyeball.)

I've tried to visit the PHD

I've tried to visit the PHD shipyard for the last couple of days, looks like it is now offline. We're we able to salvage it?

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Was anything done with this?

Was anything done with this? I have a website these could be moved to.

No success

I traded a couple of emails with the owner, and outlined our offer to host the material. Didn't hear back after she said she would have to talk with the other partners.


phd SSDs still available

Hi, all. I am new here and I haven't looked through all the posts, yet, so I don't have anything much to say, yet. Although, I am glad there is another forum to chat about one of my fave games.

Back to topic-ish. I found that you can still access phdshipyard ssds if you do a Google Images Search for "+phdshipyard+star+fleet+battles". The main page seems to be gone but the racial pages and all of the SSDs still seem to be there. I think these are probably cached copies so get them while quantities last!

Ok, I fail at formatting.

Ok, I fail at formatting.

Search terms should be:

[Race Name]+phdshipyard+star+fleet+battles

As the Geek posted

As the Geek posted above;

This link will get you to all the SSD's that were on the PHD shipyard.

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Yeah, I am aware of the web

Yeah, I am aware of the web archive. Unfortunately, only some of the links work (for me, anyways). Doing a search for ALL entries in the archive under "" yields only 63 hits, not all of which are ssd's.

I thought I had a web crawl

I thought I had a web crawl of PHD but couldn't find it on any of my old archive CDs.


I was able to find a web crawl someone did of the site that looks like it was done sometime around the end of 2004.

The index/home page was not in it, but, between Google and the Wayback Machine I was able to reconstruct a site map and do a crawl of the crawl.

Now ... what do we do with these 958 files I have sitting on my laptop? :)

Smiley's old stuff from

Smiley's old stuff from

This is from the year 2007 or 2008. But at least it is something...

I dunno...

I don't know what Smiley's website is/was, but hopefully you guys are just trying to show links to fan-made SSD's and not real SSD's. You can see a ton of those just doing an image search online. Even if I don't agree with everything they do, I still strongly support ADB's efforts to get all of those off the net.

This is pretty funny

Check out this link!

What do you know. Looking at that closely, that looks like one of Smiley's too.

Cool :)

Smiley's = OMG!

Being relatively new to SFB and having never seen a single fansite for the game, I am utterly floored by the archive of Smiley's work. What a labor of love! While some of it is a little laughable (gotta love the Death Star SSD!), it's clear he and others rethought SFB mechanics in applications to a LOT of other settings, as well as alternate versions/additions to SFU and their own homegrown stuff. I'm really looking forward to digging into this.

As an aside, I was listening earlier to Paul Franz's discussions of obscure SFB rules from last night's talkshoe show, and after flipping through Smiley's archive, it seems like some of those rules that may not have had a history of doing well on SFU ships might be of more use if they could be reworked and applied to other settings -- leaky shields, shock damage, critical hits, chain reactions, etc. I've admittedly still got a lot of basic learning to do before figuring out if and how some of this stuff could work differently, but I'm inspired by the possibilities.

For sure! Some of Smileylich's old fan-based ssds

For sure! Some of Smileylich's old fan-based ssds
Grab it in case my web site goes offline at some future time and date.
It is not an organized, like Smileylich's old site was, , and
it is from the year 2007 or 2008.
But at least it is something...

Cardassian SSDs

I made a bunch of Cardassian ssds quite some time ago but eventually took down the site.
Someone asked me for them some time after that but I had no copies..

Well I just located a cd that I had burned the backups to.. so does anybody want these?? 1.5ish MB
email me ~~~~deleted no longer used~~~

ok looks like I can post to FB to share the pics so I will create a cardassian topic

Would love to have them.

Would love to have them. FB???

on imgur