Tournament Renewal Project

I was thinking about this while mowing last night....

If I were the designer, I would start something called the "Tournament Renewal Project"

I would tweak the existing ships, maybe eliminate a couple (KE comes to mind), I would then play around with the Magellanics and get a cruiser in the tournament for them. I would then create a CW set for each race. I would then print a set of Fed Com -style cards and updated counters/ maps and package the whole thing up with a new tactics manual and sell it as a new T module. I think a project like that would generate a heck of a lot of excitement, and sell very well. I also think it would attract/ reattract new players.

EDIT: This really should have gone under "Tournament Formats" but I haven't figured out how to move it yet.

I left SFB

I pretty much stopped playing SFB when the Magellanic stalled FOREVER back in .... oh heck, late 90s sometime?

Our group had done a ton of playtesting and these ships were so much fun and so new I loved it..... and they never got published.

In the meantime we got NCAs, NCA VARIANTS (for the love of god... the whole point of NCAs was that there wearn't and CAs left in fleets anymore...), Armed freighter modularity modules.... or whatever crap has come out.

SFB is just freaking STALE. VERY VERY STALE.

Fed-Com was pretty cool.

Magellanic TCs

I still have Magellanic TCs for unsanctioned use. They're slowly working on getting 'em functional in SFBOL.

You coming to Co5N, Larry?


As someone firmly in the AGW camp.... its pretty hypocritical for me to get on a plane and travel half way across the country!!!!

I'd really really really like to... Everyone I like in the SFB world is going to be there.

So, plant something to sequester that much carbon...

You're a farmer; more than anyone else, you've got the ability to sequester carbon usage for your share of a plane ticket.

Or fly part of the way there (to Chicago) and Amtrak it the rest of the way.


The other problem is.... if I leave the farm... things die. Seriously. So the wife has to stay home. I only get so many wife points where I get to go gallivanting about.

I prefer to use my limited vacation time for rugby related travel.

(Yes, it is somewhat hypocritical to take a plane when the Rugby Union is paying for my ticket, but I figure, they are going to send a ref there anyway... might as well be me.)