Newbie questions

Newbie questions:

1. Paint then assemble or assemble then paint?

2. Can someone list a set of equipment and supplies I should go buy for doing these?

3. Can someone link or email a good tutorial?

4. If anyone is extra generous with their time and preferably has a video conferencing (or lives in So. Cal.), can you email me with your contact info so I may call you/meet you for extra help?


I'm no expert

But I've always done assemble-then-paint, and here's why.
If you paint first, when you assemble the mini, your detail lines might not match up.
Also, depending on the glue you use, it may seep out of the joints and dissolve some of your paint.
Apparently these new resin minis have a very good fit, so you might also run across issues where the tab won't fit into the slot if there are a couple layers of paint in the way.
I also always think of the paint and sealant as an extra adhesive layer ver the surface of each of my joints.