design challenge/brainstorm session: design a race/ship to fight inside a nebula

What sort of weapons would you go with? Would you bother with shields at all or just assume armor? Remember, transporters, tractors, and shuttle craft/fighters dont work at all inside the nebula. Seeking weapons suffer both from random movement and taking damage just from moving through it. All weapons suffer from the innate 9 points ECM.



Rock ships love fighting in the nebula.
And then give them quantum phasers from Omega (4 built-in ECCM) to add insult to injury.

Take Jindarian rock. Add

Take Jindarian rock. Add Plasma R's. Fire in enveloping mode. :)

Oh my

shouldn't there be a law against asteroids spitting plasma at people? :)

Sadly, I have a very, very limited selection of stuff for omega. (like, a handful of SSD's and darn near no rules for any of the cool weapons)

Omega MRB

Who needs SSDs when you're just having fun building your own stuff?


I bought a couple of the modules. Played them a few times. Went back to Alpha and havent looked back. I assume there is a lot of fun to be had, but Alpha already has so much choice.

Never looked at LMC rules, but played against someone in a ship that had weird weapons and weird rules and I basically had to trust him that he knew what he was doing. I cant even remember who won, but I do remember thinking "never again".


Don't ever fight them in a dust cloud. Their shields ignore 1-pt hits with their "volley reduction factor" so they can maneuver as fast as they want.