Armed Freighter SSDs

I used to have a little geocities page I kept some homemade ssd's for various games and such, but of course geocities went belly up.

Any suggestions on someplace cheap (preferably free) to gte a bit of webhosting or just someplace to keep some bitmaps and jpeg's so I can link to them?

We will host your jpegs

How many are we talking?
If the number is reasonable, send them to me and we will host them on our server here.


Honestly, photobucket does

Honestly, photobucket does that and it's free, too...

at the moment

I only have a handful (3-4) SSD's. Mostly freighters with skids added, or in one case, a large armed freighter running in ballast. Not the best quality at all... I only have windows paint :)

edit: I hope to work up some more in the future, but for the moment just have those. I'll check into photo bucket as well.

test post

The parts I added on are pretty obvious.. the documents ended up with wayyy different line thickness. I could fix it in paint but it'd be painstaking.

we need

a couple of those off the coast of Somalia

Or just anywhere

where the Orions are likely to show up. Can't imagine any of the smaller pirates would want to mess with a convoy with one or two of these backing them up.
edit: some other links

Large phaser armed freighter in ballast

Small drone armed freighter with a Type 1 self defense skid added on

Fusion Armed Freighter

Or Q-Ship?

Once you stick enough weapons on it, you end up turning it in to something which already exists.


Q-ships aren't that heavily armed. They also don't have that sort of power generation, to go with their big ruse of imitating normal freighters to suck a pirate in close.

Hydran large q-ship only has 1xPh-2 and 1xPh-g. This backed up by 4x fusion beams and 4x stinger-II fighters. THe fusion freighter with it's extra defense skids and power has 7xPh-2 and a Ph-G, two fusions and sadly no fighters. But it also has 26 power to a Q-ships 20. More of that is warp, as well, meaning higher speeds in case of trouble.

A q-ship is a freighter shaped trap for foolish pirates... this ship is more a well armed merchant cruiser.

Merchants with weapons

Im not sure if you would really want to spend the money on turning a freighter in to a pseudo warship.

While I dont know the actual history behind the Q-Ship, I would see it as the military's way of hiding amongst a fleet of freighters to draw in the pirates. I dont really know the point behind an armed freighter. Surely its easier to have a freighter and a Frigate - or a bunch of freighters and a frigate.

actually, historically

q-ships were only used against submarines. And they usually operated alone. The idea was that by operating alone and appearing to be unarmed, they could lure the u-boat in to use their deck gun(s) rather then 'waste' one of their limited supply of torpedos on an 'easy' kill. Once the U-boat surface, they dropped the panels concealing their own, heavier guns, and blew the u-boat to bits. The closest equivalent would be drawing an orion pirate out of cloak to try and board and steal the cargo, I'd think. They come in and drop a shield to board... and you put every weapon you can through their down shield and lock a tractor beam on.

Armed merchant cruisers, on the other hand, were an entirely different creature. Most carried their weapons openly, and they usually weren't any bigger then 6 in guns. (not bigger then most DD's or CL's in ww 1 and 2). The germans did use a series of ships in ww2 that were essentially 'offensive' Q-ships however, using a group of merchantman that had been purposely built with heavier decks to better support conversion to military deck equipment.

Historically, both types of these vessels (Q-ships and Armed merchantmen) were used. The reason was there simply weren't enough regular navy vessels to escort all the hundreds of freighters.

In world war 2, the answer to the problem of escorts were 'corvette' class ships. These were tiny (less then 1200 tons in many cases and shorter then 300 feet) vessels capable of enough speed to stay with the freighters, and mounting a diverse mix of armaments: anti-air, anti-submarine, and usually one large-ish deck gun. They also despite their small size, carried both radar AND sonar. They were built in large numbers, the original 'flower' class were some 220+ ships during the war. Importantly, they were built as merchant hulls and could therefor be assembled quickly even in small civilian yards.


When I said history I meant SFB history. Not our history. Though from your write-up I would say the concepts are similar.

The concepts are roughly the same

I have to agree. And I completely misunderstood your response, my bad.

My general thought of armed freighters is that as the General War goes on, the increasing use of 'fast' ships and the ongoing attrition of all sides is going to mean there's both more of a need for convoy escorts and less 'real' military ships to fulfill the duty. Giving some of your freighters extra guns is a lot cheaper then trying to build more escorts, and unlike trying to build frigates, won't take up a military shipyard

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