Customized ships

Some of our group got talking a while back about having a 'personal' ship for tourny style FTF duels. Customizing it a bit and naming it and then do some sort of tourny style (for fun). Something like first one to win 5 games or some such goal.

By customizing I don't mean changing out the ph-3's for type R plasma tubes. Something along the lines of changing a D7's waist ph-2's for ph-1's (if desired). If you have a couple of ph-3's maybe changing to 1 ph-G (or maybe one each). Maybe adding an optional HW mount of your choice. And then naming it and taking it into battle to see how it fares. Again, just for fun.

If you have a favorite ship (be it regular SFB or a tourny ship) and you could name it and make a few subtle changes to it....what would you name it and what would you change?

I've always liked the Klingon D7. And ever since I saw that D7C in the early CL with the forward/rearward firing photon I've thought it would be fun to fly. I suppose if I could customize a ship I'd;

Have a Klingon D7C (like the D7TC.

Make the waist type 2's into type 1's.

Add a forward and rearward firing plasma F (I like this better than the photon version).

I'd convert the security to APR (since no one on 'my' ship is going to mutiny anyway ;)

And I suppose if I really wanted to get wild and crazy....change the ph-3's to Ph-G's.

And maybe change out the probe launcher for a third drone rack.

And for a name....well I suppose IKV Avenger.

And this is just a funzy thread so have fun with it. :)

As long as everyone was making their ship OP

I dont think its a problem. But it sounds a little silly if you are going to just stick non-racial weapons on ships.

Why not just allow any race to double their engines? Or... a Klingon ship which can not only cloak, but fire while cloaked?

I like adding a non-racial HW

I like adding a non-racial HW or two to give it a little different flavor. Just as an example, imagine a ship with a PPD/Helbore mix. The PPD is great for damaging the shields at a good distance with a helbore follow up to put salt in the wound.

A disruptor/plasma ship would compliment each other. The plasma for the punch and the Disruptor to fill in while the plasma recharges.

A cloaking Klingon would be nice as long as drones weren't on the board.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Convert the drone racks to ADD...

Problem solved !

My ship

I would take a Britainian CA. Replace the Disrputors with jindarian railguns and the P-1s with P-G's. I would name it the Indefatigable.

The problem is that some

The problem is that some races have REALLY overpowered features. Like the Hydrans and thier gatlings. This is OK, since they have REALLY crappy arcs on thier HW*. So it all works out. By modifiing ships, you tend to fix these "flaws". Ergo.... you tend to take the game into areas where it breaks.

* I refuse to acknowledge that Hydran NCAs exist. Only losers fly those things.

My ship is the Federation CF...

Retain the two photons. Retain the 360 ph's.

Replace everything else with a gatling phaser in the same arc. So 14 ph-Gs, 2 photons and 2 360 ph-1s.

Are we having fun yet?


Can I take the Tholian NCA and replace the 4 disruptors with 2xS and 2xF?

Sort of tangent-

This thread reminds me how I always liked the idea of Photon equipped Klingons, like in The Motion Picture (opposite of that, I dislike any Fed with plasma on it). PHOTS DISR, no phasers at all, drone and ADDs. That smells like real blood wine to me!

Ken youre being silly

You may want to drop 2 of those Ph-G and take Snares.



I like Brooke's fast fed and I hope its eventually sanctioned for tournament play. But I also think small changes to the Fed's TCC phaser arcs can make for much more interesting tactics and reduce the dependence on the big photon roll. I invite your feedback (and I know I'll get it :).

First, the left and right twin phaser 1s change from LF/L and RF/R to FA/L and FA/R respectively. The twin 360's, both phaser 1s and phaser 3s, change to RX firing arcs (more in keeping with the ship's hull design too, if that matters). I would also add twin phaser 3s forward, just behind the FH twin phaser 1s and having the same 180 degree arc. Of course this will increase the phaser caps by a point.

The ship will then have 6 phaser 1s sweeping the FH arc and 8 phaser 1s down both of the forward obliques. So 2 hex rows for an alpha phaser strike instead on one (centerline) and both much easier for a turn mode D ship to bring to bare. I think the ship then becomes a dominant phaser ship and much less dependent on the big photon shot. Who knows, maybe a player will now load standard photons or 2 OLs every other turn simply to augment an oblique phaser strike.

Still OL

It'll still want to try the big 4OL shot on the first attack, since there's precious little reason not to. Admittedly it's likely to try the oblique and won't rely so much on its #1 shield, which is obviously an advantage. What happens thereafter may not change a lot, though it will of course depend on what damage it's taken. One decent volley of internals and it's effectively the same as it was before.

A couple more P3s will help a bit against the otherwise awful matchups like the pig, but it'll take a bit of maneuver to use them in the new arcs.

Worth a go, but it's obviously never going to become remotely official.

Personal Ships

I used the F5 Vandal in more battles than I can remember back in the 80's, but if you are looking for a "personal flagship" I have a C7 mini that I painted in a very non-cannon scheme that I call Mirror (after the ship in the old ST novel The Final Reflection). If we're allowing modifications, about all I'd do to it is swap out the probe for an ADD. I'd keep the security stations because I tend to use boarding parties and I L-O-V-E the advantage they give when the tables are turned. For a far out modification...well...of course let's swap out the rear P3's for G's.

In one of those battles back in the 80's, I flew one of the now defunct second gen X ships against a combined fleet of ISC/Romulans/Hydrans. Their eight ships eventually toasted my ship, but it took them until turn 8. Also, I captured an ISC DD and a Romulan Snipe, which I did manage to get off the board.

In one battle after that, they let me use a modified ISC DD as a support ship. I had replaced the rear PL-F's with drone racks and the forward PL-G's with disruptors. Back then, I replaced the labs with APR, and the existing APR's with Security stations. It was pretty nice. That one I called Three Fingers.