Reading the stories

I wanted to see if anyone was reading the stories I've offered, and if so, are you enjoying them? I'm trying to add chapters as I'm able with my schedule.


I've been reading and enjoying them quite a bit, actually. Thanks for doing the write-ups. I like the idea of an alternate mix of the standard SFB races.

Please keep them coming!

Just saw them

and will read!

tried to read them

but they were just too long. Perhaps if you could break them into smaller posts.

Glad they're being enjoyed.

Glad they're being enjoyed. :)

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Finally got around to reading the General War one

Interesting choice of bedmates. Are these dramatised scenarios which you guys fought?

Were the battles effectively even? The results often tended to be quite one sided.

For all the new weapons/ships/etc. do you guys totally redo the SSDs or just modify them? How do you then assign a value?

As an aside, how many in your playing group, and how often do you meet up? It must be good to find others who are happy playing the game with essentially untested changes.

Not only did I read the

Not only did I read the "general war redux" stories, but I was actually considering writing a short story of my own to go alongside it, which would follow a Fed DD (Revere) and a Klingon F5C (Dragon Leader), who are called away from their training exercises (which are basically an attempt on the part of the Federation and Klingons to perform a direct performance comparison between their respective destroyers, to see whether the underpowered but heavily armed Federation design or the swift and highly maneuverable Klingon design is ultimately the better ship) to assist a Tug (Cassini) (as the Federation and Klingons are allies in this version of events, logically the Cassini Incident never happened), which is under attack by a Romulan harrassment squadron consisting of a War Eagle, a Battlehawk and a snipe.

Now technically, Revere and Dragon Leader were responding to the distress calls of a CONVOY, but the Romulan squadron had destroyed all of them but the Cassini, Revere and Dragon Leader arriving just as the Romulans are about to charge it and kill it. At that point, the snipe was damaged by a Q-ship and has pulled away somewhat to perform CDR on its plasma torpedo, and the Battlehawk is slightly scratched up but doing fine. Revere and Dragon Leader would then fight a running battle to protect the Cassini. Ultimately, the Battlehawk would be destroyed (the other two ships would retire, both with snignificant damage and the Snipe crippled) and the Revere (significantly damage by plasma torpedoes) and the Dragon Leader (lightly damaged) would proceed to tow the crippled Cassini back to base.

On the character front, the story would focus mostly on the Revere's bridge crew and their interactions with a Klingon officer who is along with the ride. He doesn't believe that the Federation crew possess the "warrior's spirit" neccessary to fight a real war, but later admits after the battle that he was wrong. I also considered adding a "battle of the bands" scene after the Revere and Dragon Leader take the Cassini under tow (where the Dragon Leader's crew opt to sing a Klingon victory song over an open-com link and the Revere's captain responds by bringing up his "ship's band" (consisting of several musically inclined crewmembers, rather like Harry Kim and the Kimtones from Voyager) to join in instead of closing the channel...

You know, if you'd like, I could still write that story...

Hoju, It was fun to see how


It was fun to see how the sides actually shaped up. Since we weren't using historical cannon it freed us up a bit to just let go and have some fun and see where it led us. The earlier battles were fought years ago and I decided then to keep a running tab by jotting down notes. They were also teaching/experimenting games to see how things worked out for us. We were pleasantly surprised to see how well it worked out.

The story takes the general events of the battles and I placed it as a story backdrop. I dramatized some things here and there for the sake of the story but the general gist is there as to what happened. In the beginning the six powers forces were stronger on purpose for teaching/experimental purposes which translated well into the story of a desperate Alliance struggle.

We used some regular SSD's and some PHD SSD's with paint shop alterations such as changing the heavy weapons from disruptors to whatever the new weapon was. We've added some additional information to the SSD's such as weapon charge/hold rates etc for when we get a newer player. We also use the PHD method of putting in the amount of each type of power and the total for a quick ready reference. About the only other change was to the names of some of the ship types.

We've noted that the change in heavy weapons for the disruptor races (except Klink which retains the disruptor) brought about new tactics for these races which was a nice change.

We currently have five regular players that meet once a month give or take. And three more that want to get together with us when/if their schedule allows. Everyone has really been happy with the changes that have been incorporated. Even for the races that they don't normally play.

Captain Trek,

The fiction section belongs to everyone and I think you have the makings of a great story! I say write it up, I know I'd like to read it. :)

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Thanks for the fiction. f you

Thanks for the fiction. f you got more, I will read it. Anyone else.

Maybe I can do a short story. I have an idea for one based on Prime Directive that I had considered but know SVC would reject.

Also, maybe we can start a shared fiction story on here, with people taking turns writing parts of it.

I've got to get around to

I've got to get around to finishing the Kzinti/Lyran story.

And I like the shared fiction story, could be fun...

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Reading your stories.

Yes, absolutly.
I'm new to swa and very much appreciate everything done here.
Especially the bashing of "He who has klingon-size ego."
Wish we would not argue about anything he has to say, or think though...

Thank you. I'll have to see

Thank you. I'll have to see about finishing some of the stories. I also have some ideas for new ones :)

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heck yeah

these are good - i like adding a colorful background to an otherwise mathematical exercise

"why are these ships fighting?" is something we like to kick around before starting a patrol scenario

if i can get on a PC (instead of this schmart phone), i'ma add a chapter

I'd love to read it :)

I'd love to read it :)

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Where are they?

Where are the stories located? Is there a link?

If they are good, why not submit to ADB for Captains Log? They are pretty open to submissions. Or has that been tried already with these stories?


Found it.