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The USS Get Over It?

As a Swede I am too

As a Swede I am too restricted in my Vocabulary to contribute, but you have my moral support!:)

Thanks DC

Now then... As you guys may or may not know (depending on whether or not you've already read my "Me: Why is there a Saddam, but not a Pioneer? Cole: Because shut up!" thread in the "Likely Deletes" section), I, having looked through ADBs official list of all canon Federation ships in the SFU...

...personally found many of the names to be far too humanity-centric or just plain non-nonsensical. I found the names of the War Destroyers in particular (NCC 0700 - NCC 0760) to be particularly bad, filled with names of minor political leaders from the 20th century who simply will not be deserving of such status come the late 23rd century, particularly not Saddam Hussien (NCC 0755), especially when you consider that Star Trek's history and our history is supposed to start diverging shortly after World War II... The names also display that particularly American trend of naming ships after the full names of those they are named for, leading to the names sound dull and overblown at the best of times... Regardless of whether or not you think they are deserving of having a DWA named for them, there is simply no flare, interest or LIFE in a name like "USS Presidents Bush" (NCC 0851), to say nothing of "USS Field Marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke" (NCC 1418). Not to mention the completely and utterly non-nonsensical nature of certain names, such as "USS Taliban" (NCC 0838) and "USS Haliburton" (NCC 3604)...

Therefore, I would argue, it would be nice if we SFB fans could come up with an alternative list of names, one that focuses in particular on altering or replacing the most egregious offenders with more fitting designations. Of course, you might argue, why do this when players who don't like the official names can come up with their own? Well, being able to come up with a few of your own names is one thing, but I would argue that having a complete list of alternate names designed by a committee of your fellow SFB fans, which you can refer to at any time and be more certain that there will be a DECENT name sitting there for you to use would be of considerable utility to some.

I have therefore started this project with the intention of developing an alternative list of ship names to the current existing ones. This is not to say that every single name must be changed, but the more names can be swapped out with more appropriate alternatives, the better...

To begin with, here are unordered short lists of names I have thus far come up with. Note that none of these are in use on the current NCC list and you can check this by using Acrobat Reader's "search" function to check the PDF for any name you think of that you fear may already be in use...

Names I consider to be good:

Victory (or Victorious)

Names I consider to be "decent" or at least "average":


"Weapon names" (for use in emergencies only as they're a little on the aggressive side for Starfleet ships, but I feel they're better than "Taliban" or "Saddam" at least and we do have the Sabre class from canon Trek as a precedent):


I have also come up with possible alternative names for the three CVA and three SCS carriers as follows...

Sol class heavy carriers (orig. Napoleon class):

2200 Sol (orig. Napoleon)
2201 Vulcan (orig. MacArthur)
2202 Andor (orig. Zhukov)
2203 Tellar (orig. Julius Ceaser)
2204 Alpha Centuari (orig. George Washington)
2205 Rigel (orig. Federick the Great)

You will note that all of the above are, of course, named for founding members of the United Federation of Planets in the SFU (which includes Alpha Centuarans and Rigellians according to the official SFU timeline). Note that these names could, if desired, be prefixed with wordings such as "Pride of", such as "Pride of Alpha Centuari", which is slightly on the long side admittedly but is, I feel, sufficiently "lively" to make up for the added length.

Also, here is a preliminary list of alternative names for some of the War Destroyers... Note that this includes some names which you can find on my above lists of "good" and "decent" names and this is something we will have to keep track of to avoid repetition...

Federation War Destroyers from NCC 0700 - NCC 0716:

0700 Dauntless
0701 Endurance
0702 Perseverance
0703 Tenacity
0704 Determination
0705 Dedication
0706 Persistence
0707 Pertinacity
0708 Firebrand
0709 Hotspur
0710 Spitfire
0711 Hellion
0712 Vituperator
0713 Renegade
0714 Provocateur
0715 Revisionist
0716 Resolution

Work on this alternative list, naturally, is ongoing and all names listed thus far are tentative and subject to change. Ideally I want this to be a joint venture on the part of many SFB fans, so please, feel free to post your own ideas, lists and opinions (such as arguments in favour of keeping or getting rid of existing names or using or not using ones others have suggested). Hopefully, if we pool our efforts, we will be able to produce an alternative list of names that is acceptable to all of us.

So, what do you say? If you're interested in participating this project, then please, feel free to begin posting your contributions... :)

Hm, the CVA names could have

Hm, less is more and I think the CVA names could have 'Pride of..' or something similar, as the seldom used official name.

Weapon names are ok, I think, if they are about ancient ones. Besides, I think there are a few alien ones that could be used too. Like that silly Vulcan quarterstaff (or whatever it was):) But I have no source for that myself.

Saturn and Mars would be good names. In the PD source books they give names and data for every planet in the relevant systems, so I figure there are names for the secondary planets of races like the Rigelians, and Andorians too. Too bad I don't have that one, the Federation sourcebook.

Liberator is better than Freedom. Both because it fit the pattern of Victor->Victorious but also because Freedom is so much tied to the US.
Freedom, Independence and Constitution are always the names a new series of USN ships get. Just look at the LCS:)

Large compound names are not

Large compound names are not uncommon in military naming. Names like these are used in the real Navy, though they are not that exciting:


Most real names of ships are either classic adjectives (USS DEFENDER, USS RELENTLESS); names of places (USS GRAND CANYON, USS GRAND CANYON STATE (yep, those are both in service), USS PENSACOLA, and tons of counties like USS NYE COUNTY); or historical people, both from the service or civilian (USS ETHAN ALLEN, USS NATHANIEL WEBSTER, USS ADMIRAL W. M. CALLAGHAN). The few other are a mix of almost anything, from star names (USS SPICA) to Norse gods (USS THOR).

I think two things should be considered:

1. Name many after historical figures from all over the Federation and the many wars they have been in.

2. Many should be named after places in the Federation (like USS RIGEL).

3. It is a good idea to give a class of star ships a common naming strategy. In Star Trek the names of the Constitution class are classic naval adjectives, while the runabouts are all named after Earth rivers. For command cruisers, famous naval commanders would be appropriate; scientific ships should have science names.

Good call on the CVAs

Good call on the CVAs Hardcore... Oh and the "silly Vulcan quarterstaff" you mentioned is called a Lirpa...

As for USS Mars, it's already in use on the offical list as the name of one of the conjectural Battleships (NCC 2152), but there's no reason we couldn't at least reposition the name. Certainly you and Kitty are both absolutely right that planets and other places from Trek lore are always a good bet, particularly if you can have a mix of both human AND non-human places... Hmm, I'll have another look in my PD D20 book, that mentioned a few prominent Federation planets...

As for Liberator and Freedom, well, no reason I can see why we can't use both... :)

>>Large compound names are not uncommon in military naming.>>

Correction: They're not uncommon in AMERICAN military naming. There is not a single vessel in current British service with an overly long name like "USS Oliver Hazard Perry" (which is another currently serving American ship, with the SFU version more appropriately reading just "USS Perry" (NCC 0303)) and a scant few ships in past British service with such names. Indeed, American naming strategies are almost certainly where SVC got his inspiration for all the really long names to begin with...

>>I think two things should be considered:

1. Name many after historical figures from all over the Federation and the many wars they have been in.>>

Yeah.. I got the ball rolling on that with "USS Archer" and "USS Cochrane"... "USS Surak" would be good as well.

>>3. It is a good idea to give a class of star ships a common naming strategy. In Star Trek the names of the Constitution class are classic naval adjectives>>

Not quite... Constitution, Enterprise, Intrepid and Defiant certainly are, but Hood, Potemkin, Lexington, Excalibur, Exeter and Constellation are not... Still, I absolutely agree with you and that's why I tried to ensure that all the names I came up with for the War Destroyers all had something to do with resistance, defiance (though of course I can't actually use "USS Defiant" because a Connie's already wearing that one, unless we decide to change it) or continuing on in the face of adversity. Please let me know if you think of how I could expand or improve upon that list...

I'd rather fly the Zhukov

I'd rather fly the Zhukov than the USS Andor.

Hell I'd rather fly the Hussian than the USS Blue skinned guy with a made up name that I could care less about.

So far: *Capital ships get

So far:

*Capital ships get named after big and important planets.

*Command cruisers (CCs) and similar (BCHs) get named after heroes or noteworthy individuals (Go Cochrane!). The Trek novels and even the Captains logs(!) should provide plenty of names.

*CAs ?

*Scouts and Science vessel (same thing really) would be named after Astronomical phenomena. Uless we end up with more names than ships, in which case another naming convention could be called for.
Note Astrological term is really a separate group that would result in several good names. "Zodiac", "Equinox" etc.

*Tugs and othe "working" ships can be name for work virtues, like "Endurance" or "Perseverance" for example.



Brad, tnx, I lacked the

Brad, tnx, I lacked the vocabulary to say that about CAs.

Well guys, I had a look in my

Well guys, I had a look in my PD manual and it listed the following planets that might make good starship names... I've also had a look on Memory Alpha for planets...

PD planets:

Antares (this is a name I already listed)
Pacifica (I particularly like this one)
Ponderosa (there's Cole's real-world interests seeping into the SFU again)
Shiloh (and again...)
Shresha-Cygnus (could be shortened to just "USS Cygnus" or "USS Shresha")
Vultrax (Vulcan planet)

PD "minor" and "associate" planets (I list these seperately because their status is questionable:


There are also these from Memory Alpha (note that there are more, but these are the ones from TOS and TAS):

Proxima (in the Alpha Centauri system, so presumably an Alpha Centauran planet in the SFU)
Utopia (Mars colony)
Cygnia Minor (could be shortened to just "USS Cygnia")
Gamma Hydra (could be shortened to just "USS Hydra")
New Paris

Note that I've left a few (such as Sherman's Planet) out that couldn't really work and none from TNG onwards are present (though a few of the above did reappear in later series). I'm not fussed about either having ones from TNG onwards (such as Rigel) or not really, I've just left them out for the time being...

Please let me know if you can find any more planets to use... Also, if we're going to go by naming each "batch" of ships after a particular theme, we need to pick what sort of ships to give the names of these planets too... I'm actually thinking NCLs, but I'm not entirely sure why...

Not a bad choice of class I

Not a bad choice of class I would say! You got plenty of names which is handy for war cruisers. We can then leave "illustrious", "Audacious" etc. to the CAs.

Hmm, really? Alrighty, what

Hmm, really? Alrighty, what to rename the Kearsarge class to then? I'm thinking Deneva class (as it's a pretty cool name and is, according to Memory Alpha, one of the earliest human colonies, not to mention that Deneva is, like Rigel, another one of those words that is quite deeply ingrained in Trek lore), so then the ships might be named something like this...

Federation War Cruisers from NCC 1500 - NCC 1534

1500 Deneva
1501 Vega (Note: This one frees up "Reliant" for use somewhere else)
1502 Utopia
1503 Proxima (Frees up "Repulse")
1504 Annox (Frees up "Renown")
1505 Antares
1506 Vultrax
1507 Benecia
1508 Mantilles
1509 Thetis
1510 Janus
1511 Ophiucus
1512 Aldebaran
1513 New Paris
1514 Southfork
1515 Midos
1516 Archanis
1517 Cerberus
1518 Pacifica
1519 Cygnia
1520 Beta
1521 Shiloh
1522 Theta
1523 Hydra
1524 Shresha
1525 Meva
1526 Ponderosa
1527 Paktar
1528 Berengaria
1529 Sheboygan (Note: Decided to put all the questionable ones at the end)
1530 Pollux
1531 Prelaria (frees up "Defence")
1532 Codimark
1533 Arcturia
1534 Novorosibirsk

You know, that's actually pretty good... It reads better than I expected... However, I do think that some of the above names (specifically the names of the most major colonies) might be better off being reassigned to the CLCs (though if you can think of an alternative scheme for them, please let me know). The New Heavies, meanwhile, I think, can actually keep their city names... "Manta Ray" can be easily replaced with the Vulcan city of "ShiKahr" and according to Memory Alpha there are a few others we could use to make the New Heavies less Earth-centric... These include the following (note that there are so few that I did include ones from TNG onwards this time), with the planet they are located on in parenthesis...

Amber (Tau Ceti IV)
Copernicus City (Earth's Moon)
Delman (unknown)
Eldman (unknown)
Gol (Vulcan)
Heliopolis (Alpha Eridani II)
Kir (Vulcan)
New Berlin (Earth's Moon... I know there's already a Berlin, but having a "USS Berlin" AND a "USS New Berlin" could be interesting... or just stupid...)
New Manhattan (Beth Delta I)
New Seattle (Penthara IV)
Ropal City (Volan colonies. Read: SERIOUSLY questionable this one.)
ShiKahr (Vulcan)
Stratos (Ardana. Another questionable one.)
Suraya Bay (Risa)
T'Paal (Vulcan)
Tanis (Somewhere in Sol)
Turkana City (Turkana IV. This was actually a failed Federation colony, but didn't start going downhill untill the 2330s (approx. the Y 220s if 2267 = Y157))
Tycho City (Earth's Moon)
Vulcana Regar (Vulcan)

Given the small number of New Heavies and the fact that it is, of course, perfectly reasonable to retain SOME of the Earth city names, I think that's plenty (and it allows us to cherry-pick the good city names as there are 19 names there and 19 New Heavies, some of which can retain their existing names)... Comments?

Yeah, btw I am not familiar

Yeah, btw I am not familiar with Trek canon, so i don't know if there are room for names from places like China and India. But i think it wouldn't hurt to have some more names from other places on the planet.