Did anyone manage to salvage any Jeremy Grey SSDs?

Hey guys... Well, as I'm sure you all know, after the Paravian Battleship debacle, Jeremy Grey pulled all of his (oftentimes brilliant) SSDs from the face of the Internet... Now, this might seem unbelievably selfish, but I had actually been using his excellently put together cadet SSDs to create my own cadet SSDs based on the module C4 races, copying and pasting from his designs as neccessary to create nice, clean results similar in outward appearence to his... Prior to this, my SSDs had been based on scans of other SSDs and had, as a result been somewhat crooked and smudged looking...

Now, whilst I had saved all of his cadet SSDs to my hard drive beforehand, I, to my own deep disapointment, never saved even a single one of his full-sized SSDs, and now that they're gone, I no longer have a template from which to construct my own high-quality full-side SSDs, the biggest problem, naturally, being all the tracks and tables I now don't have...

So I ask, do any of you guys still have any of Grey's SSDs and, if so, could I trouble you for copies of them?

For those interested, here are my scan-based SSDs (all of them police ships... Yeah, I have a bit of a thing for smaller vessels)...

Delan "Heeler" police cutter:


Qari "BR5" police ship:


Flivver police corvette:


Barbarian police ship:


Sharkhunter police ship:


Triaxian police ship:


...and here are my cadet SSDs based on Grey's cadet SSDs...

Deltan "Heuristics" cadet ship:


Britannian cadet ship:


Frax cadet ship:


Qari "T-27" cadet ship: (named for the Soviet T-27 tankette)


Barbarian cadet ship: (overpowered)


Triaxian cadet ship: (possibly underpowered)


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I'd recommend emailing Jeremy

I'd recommend emailing Jeremy and asking for any SSDs you're interested in.