Diplomacy by Other Means - A Ken Burnside Production

Diplomacy by Other Means rules are available here:


Blank map is available here:


To clarify the 'arbitrary' EW rules:

If it's allowed in tourney, it's legal here, with the following additions:

1) Erratic Maneuvers
2) Terrain modifiers
3) Scout lending of EW.

Nice work, Ken!

Nice work, Ken!


I still need to build the order entry spreadsheet.

A lot of this came from watching various parts of M&C go 'kerplow', but I've successfully run "Diplomacy as Strategic, Game X as Tactical" campaigns for Warhammer and Battletech.

Map file with resource centers and terrain is now in place


Nicely done

Lovely production values. Is there a key to the map anywhere? eg what are the blue hexes, the rainbow blobs, the pentagons, etc.

Map Key

It was outside the 'area being snapshotted'

The pentagons are resource centers
The seven pointed stars with the arrow pointed up are pushstars (as referenced in the rules)
The hexagons made of 6 small triangles like a camera shutter are warp points

The diamonds are an ion storm. The ones in a circle have a 1 in 6 chance of rotating one space clockwise each turn.
The clumps of ovals are asteroids; the clumps with lots of ovals are heavy asteroid fields
The gas giants are gas giants
The 8 pointed rayed star with straight lines is a variable pulsar
The 9 pointed star with curved lines and a black center is a black hole

The blue hexagons are the 6 starting home sector.
The black hexagon is impassable.

I currently have 4 players, and am looking for two more...

All slots are filled

We have the following players:

Robert Grey
Jason Gray/Dale McKee
Roger Rardain
Fred Kreller
Michael Baima
Francois Lemay

Alternates are

Tos Crawford
Peter Thoenen

That's "Jeremy Gray", Ken,

That's "Jeremy Gray", Ken, not Jason Gray. ;)


Though I was trying to recruit Jason as well. Three Grey/Gray.

Loads of chaos and confusion. :)

Updated Map Sheet

And our first conflicts in the campaign going.