RUT2 - Signup deadline Jan 31, 2010

Well, I love playing with tournament formats. So here is what I have in mind for RUT2. A Patrol Format for 3 months, followed by and 8 or 4 (depending on participation) single elim tree. Hopefully the winner of RUT1 will take up the tradition started in the RATs and will host RUT3. If they do, they can pick the format for that RUT.


1. Patrol Format. Play as many games as you like for 3 months, tree will be set as follows: top Net Wins; first tie breaker win %; second tie breaker head-to-head; third coin flip.

2. To get assigned a game, email the judge (me) and ask for 1 or 2 games. A player can have no more than 2 games assigned at any one time. If a player asks for two games, he must complete that set before asking for another. The purpose of 2 game assignments is to facilitate scheduling, not to churn through games.

3. Game limit waiver. If three weeks have passed and both players have been trying (as evidenced by emails) to schedule a game and cannot get the game scheduled, the game will be considered "waived" for the above rule. It is still a "game assigned", but I will allow *one* additional game assignment above the limit set in rule 2 to accommodate games that take a long time to schedule.

4. I have played and analyzed Brook's current "fast Fed" enough to accept that it is reasonably balanced. A player wanting to fly it, may take it in this tournament.

5. Signup instructions:

A. Send an email to aaeamdar "at" yahoo "dot" com and place "RUT2 Signup" in the Re: line.
B. Include your ship choice, SFBOL Nick, Real Name
C. Include your first game request (1 or 2 games) (Entries without a game request, will be assumed to request 1 game).

Good luck to all.

One sign-up so far.

Keep them coming. :)


How many people have signed up so far?

I'm gonna sign up likely anyway, but really, the format doesn't super intrigue me; it is amazingly similar to Net Kill, and honestly, I don't think I play enough SFBOL to want to play a patrol style game--best case scenario, I'm gonna play 3 games or so over the three month Patrol period, and really, would prefer single elimination over a patrol-y game. That many more games to have to arrange.

I mean, I certainly applaud the effort, but as this sort of thing goes, I don't necessarily think that patrol is the way to go.


Three if you do. The format is nothing like Net Kill, btw. It is Patrol, just like the Patrol tournament we played at Co5N. Maybe Patrol Format will carry no interest outside of conventions.


How is it not like Net Kill?

In this, you play patrol games vs people. The folks with the top records get matched up in a single elimination.

In Net Kill, you play patrol games vs people. The folks with the top records get matched up in a single elimination.

I mean, sure, there are differences, but at a base level, it is very similar. You spend 3 months playing some games with some people and at the end of 3 months, records are compared and you go from there.

Among the many differences are

1. you do not pick your opponents.

2. You keep a ship the entire time.

3. You have a restricted number of simultaneous games.

This is Patrol, not Net Kill. If you think patrol tournaments at conventions are "just like Net Kill" then yes, this too fits your definition of things that are "just like Net Kill."

I will sign up.

Sending you an e-mail now Paul with my info.

You are right, Paul.

Like usual, you have completely convinced me that my subjective viewpoint is completely incorrect. Me thinking that this is like something else is clearly insane. Check.


I am not trying to convince you that you are insane or even unreasonable. You asked, I listed three (I think significant) characteristics it does not share with Net Kill. Of course, any SFB Tournament format has similarities to other formats. This is very much like Net Kill in some ways, but only in ways that a Standard patrol Format at a Con (such as the one you and I recently played in at Co5N) are also like Net Kill. It is certainly (as are Patrol Tournaments at conventions) more like Net Kill than a Single Elim RAT.

To me, Patrol Format has been around for a long time and is fairly well defined. I thought that was what I created above. If you think it is just Net Kill, that is fine. In any event, I don't want to be arguing over something this silly. We can agree to disagree on whether this format should be called "Patrol" or "Net Kill."

Peter, there really are a

Peter, there really are a limited number of ways to do tourneys. But if you have an idea for something more interseting then we are all ears!

My two cents

[disclaimer: I'm not even a current SFBOL subscriber, let alone a tournament entrant]

One of the nice things about the standard tourney format online was that it was "commitment neutral"; as in, everyone plays the same amount of games, has the same amount of time for each game, etc.

I think one similarity between SFBOL Patrol and Net Kill that has not been mentioned is that it gives advantage to those people who spend more time online than others. Unlike Convention Patrol, wherein you have a fixed, "trapped" audience and everyone has equal opportunity to get in a large number of games, with this format, the "I can be on 4 hours a night" crowd has definite advantages over the "I can only get a kitchen pass for one night a week, two in a pinch" crowd. It also gives advantage to those with a standard M-F 9-5 US Time schedule, over those who either work off-shift or live overseas, as they will have a much easier time scheduling their games quickly.

While I aplaud the attempts to add variety in the tournament, I think a few tweaks would improve the balance.

- Perhaps say that, during the 3 month period, you play a minimum of 4 games but winning percentage is the top qualifier, with netkills the 1st tie breaker. Playing less than 4 games, any unplayed games count as a loss.

Just my 2 cents; keep or throw back in the fountain as you wish :-)

Busy I am.

I will be scarce for the first quarter of 2010 due to extreme business, so I will pass on this one. I really don't mind the format though.

I'm neither advocating for a

I'm neither advocating for a new name nor a new format. I was simply pointing out that as this is a patrol format, it is (at least in my view) reasonably similar to Net Kill. And as such seems less attractive to me (and presumably others, as not many people have signed up yet) than a simple single elim (or double elim or whatever works). This was neither criticism nor complaint. Simply an observation.

One idea for a format would

One idea for a format would be to have direct elimination, but let players buy in, using cash, for another attempt if they loose:) The money would go to the winner ofc.

Seven so far

Keep them coming :)

Tourney starts in two weeks.

Well Wishes from Steve Cole

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 09:34:10 -0600
To: "SWA-StarFleet"
From: "Stephen V. Cole"
Subject: Re: [SFB] New SFBOL Tournament - RUT2

Have fun, guys!

wasn't there a patrol RAT?

I seem to remember one of the early RATs used patrol format for the early rounds, and they decided not to try it again afterwards. IIRC, the main issue was all the email & scheduling wrangling resulting in games not getting played.

Speaking of which: Paul, I sent you an email regarding our RAT33 game. :)

Two Days Left - 8 players so far

not too much time left to the deadline. I have:

Dave Cheng
Barry Kirk
Clay Krueger
Ken Burnside
Carl M-Carlson
Mike Johnson
Mark Geigerich
Steve McCann

2 Days left to sign up if interested.


Sent you an email to reg on the 13th, resending now.

Last Day

10 so far. The above 8 plus:

Bill Schoeller
Robert Gray

Ended up with 10

I'll have the match-ups posted here later today. Since this is not the NHL, I'll make the finals 4 people rather than 8.


a slam on the NHL

have not received matches...

have not received matches...