The 2019 Battlegroup Toronto Star Fleet Battles Tournament

When: Friday, July 26th, Saturday, July 27th, and Sunday, July 28th

Where: 33 Empress Avenue (at Yonge Street) in North York, Ontario

Who: All SFB players, of all skill levels, are welcome

Cost: $20 per person for the entire weekend, or $10 per person per day

Details: Battlegroup Toronto is proud to host our third annual Star Fleet Battles (SFB) tournament. This year’s tournament will be held in the multi-purpose room of the condominium building at 33 Empress Avenue. This building is located at the southeast corner of Yonge Street and Empress Avenue (known as Park Home Avenue to the west of Yonge Street) in the heart of North York, across the street from Mel Lastman Square. It is part of the Empress Walk commercial-residential complex, and is connected directly to the TTC’s North York Centre subway station. A municipal parking lot is located on the north side of Empress, across the street from the main entrance to the condominium building.

Directions (by subway): Take the TTC’s Yonge subway line (Line 1) to North York Centre station. Take the stairs or escalator up from the station’s platform level to the mezzanine level, then take the exit to Empress Walk on the east side of the station. You will emerge on the lowest level of the mall, right by the entrances to Loblaws and Best Buy. Take the escalator up to the main level of the mall, then find the Second Cup coffee shop. Exit the mall via the corridor beside Second Cup, then turn left and walk to the side entrance of 33 Empress Avenue. Buzz the concierge to gain entry.

Directions (by car): From Highway 401, take the northbound exit to Yonge Street. Proceed north on Yonge Street. About 400 metres north of Highway 401 you will cross Sheppard Avenue. Proceed another 600 metres until you reach Empress Avenue (known as Park Home Avenue to the west of Yonge Street). Turn east onto Empress Avenue. You will immediately notice the municipal parking lot on the north side of Empress. After you park, cross the street to the south side and proceed to the main entrance of 33 Empress Avenue. Buzz the concierge to gain entry.

On Site Amenities: Empress Walk and the surrounding neighborhood include a wide selection of eating places and other retail establishments. You can also get prepared meals from the Loblaws supermarket or a coffee from the Tim Hortons kiosk located at the lowest level of the mall. The multi-purpose room includes a kitchen with a refrigerator for storing food and drinks.

Playing Materials: We have a good supply of tournament maps, counters and forms, but players are encouraged to bring their own note paper, pencils and other materials, if possible.

RSVPs: If you'd like to join us, please post here or contact either Sebastian Palozzi at or Kosta Michalopoulos at You may also reach out to us on Facebook.

Confirmed Players (thus far):
Sebastian Palozzi
Gregg Henry
Art Trotman
Kosta Michalopoulos
Fred Werenich
Marc LeFort
Tim Linden (last year's winner and holder of the SFB Toronto Cup, who will be defending his title)
Leslie Richardson

Battlegroup Toronto is always very happy to meet new players or interested parties, so if you're local please feel free to come by and say hello.

And thanks to Ted Griffith for suggesting the use of his condominium building!

Toronto Tournament Results

Copied from Facebook. Please see the Star Fleet Battles group for many posts with photos of games as they were in progress.

The Toronto Tournament SFB Championship wrapped up on Sunday, July 28th after 3 days of hard-fought tournament games.
10 players vied for the Toronto SFB Championship Cup and a free MSSB or Captain's Log PDF (thank you ADB for your continued support).
Battlegroup Toronto organized the event with the kind support of Ted Griffith who arranged for our use of the multi-purpose room in his condo building.
The Player List:
Leslie Richardson (ISC)
Sam Palozzi (Fed)
Kosta Michalopoulos (KZI)
Gregg Henry (WYN AUX)
Fred Werenich (HYD)
Marc LeFort (GORN)
Tim Linden (ORI)
David Cheng (HYD)
Bradley R. Jones (LYR)
Art Trotman (KLI)

The winner of the event was Tim Linden who flew the Orion TBR against Leslie Richardson's ISC TCA in the final game.
The games were hard-fought and players sat down to the boards in good competitive spirit and with enthusiasm.
Highlights of the tournament included:
Bradley Jones's Lyran White Tiger. Brad plays SFB only once or twice a year but played two (or three?) very interesting games including one with a 35 point tractor auction and one with a surprise win over tournament finalist Fred Werenich's Hydran.
The 'Ironman' award goes to Leslie Richardson; Leslie fought his way to the final game and racked up a total of 8 tournament SFB games--8 SFB games in 3 days is a huge task. Leslie played well in every game-his place in the final game is testament to the quality of his play.
Most exciting game--(of the games that I was able to watch) was Fred Werenich's Hydran assault against the ISC. The Hydran lost the game "for want of a nail" (actually, for want of a single point of tractor energy) but the Hydran's long, painful slog across the hex map, through PPDs, through plasma, right up to the side of the ISC CA was a joy to watch. The Hydran game was a lesson in planning--meticulous and cold-blooded--but in the end it wasn't enough. Well-played Fred.
The Fed (Sam)-Kzinti (Kosta) game was another lesson in long-range planning. Kosta weathered 3 overloaded photons and a handful of phasers to bump up beside the Fed, apply a tractor (10 points allocated to tractor) and slash the Fed into space junk. It was painful for me but the best lessons often are.
Best Miniatures: Art Trotman, thank you once again for making the effort to bring a set of superb miniatures for play and display. The miniatures add a very cool dimension to the game and help make the tournament feel very...Star Fleet Universe.
Nerdiest reference: Marc LeFort wins hands down with his extempore exposition on Federation starship construction (nacelle struts and the purpose of the built in venting). Well done Marc.
Special guests included:
An appearance by David Cheng, SFB veteran and tournament maestro from Albany, NY. Dave is a force of positive energy in the tournament room and helped us out of a couple of sticky rule and process situations. Thank you for your help Dave and we'll see you in September at Council.
My brother Leo: Leo is new to gaming and new to this whole fascinating world of the SFU--he could not have a better group of players to welcome him to this amazing game.
We hope to see you all at our 2020 Championship.
The SFB Toronto Championship is organized by Battlegroup Toronto. Battlegroup Toronto meets each Thursday night at The Sword and Board in Toronto (Bloor/Lansdowne area) for Fed Comm and SFB. New players are always welcome. Battlegroup Toronto issues a weekly email bulletin--if you'd like to be included on our email list please reach out to Sebastian Palozzi or Kosta Michalopoulos on facebook or at
See you in deep space.