Council of Five Nations XLII, September 20-22, 2019

Hello Star Fleet Battles fans,

Three news items related to SFB at Council of Five Nations XLII.
1.  Save the date
2.  Judge(s) Wanted
3.  Format change - need your feedback.

September 20-22, 2019
Yes, this is a bit earlier than usual.  Council has to float, based on scheduling of other events at Union College and Proctors Theater.

John & Dave, the guys who have been judging this thing for many years, are both getting old.  If one or two folks want to step up and judge the tournament, that would be great!
Some things to understand:
  1. The main responsibilities are coordinating matchups and teaching walk-in newbies.
  2. You get to play. We are not sanctioned, so there is no prohibition against the judge(s) competing. In fact, we insist that you do indeed play and have fun.
  3. You do not need to be a rules expert.  There are plenty of those in the room.
  4. If we get more than one volunteer, two people can split this job.  You both get into the con for free, and you both get a world-famous, GMs-only Council T-Shirt.
  5. There are probably one or two more we will think of later.
Please reply to this message if you're interested.


Two factors to consider.
  1. For many years, we have never actually played the Finals match onsite at Council.  It has been played after the con via SFBOnline.  This bothers us a little bit, but not enough to stop the practice.
  2. Interest in getting into the finals and playing for the win, seems to be ebbing a bit.  It seems our players are coming more for fun and socializing, with less emphasis on competitive play.

Given these factors, we are proposing a new finals format:

  1. Finals will be top FOUR players as of 6pm on Saturday, not top eight.
  2. Semi-finals (top 4) will be Saturday at 7:00 PM.
  3. Finals (top 2) will be Sunday at 9:00 AM.
  4. No more finals via SFBOnline.  If you are not able to stay and play Sunday at 9am, then you are not eligible to advance to the finals.

We would like your feedback on this possible format change.  However, please note that not all opinions will count equally.

  1. Folks who have been regularly playing SFB at Council for years have the most say
  2. Folks who have occasionally attended Council count next
  3. Folks who have been active in SFB Tournament discussion on the ADB BBS, and the Star Fleet Battles Open Community forum, but have not attended Council, count next
  4. Folks who don't fall into any of the three categories above can chime in, but those opinions will have the least amount of weight.

Please reply to this message with your feedback.

Hope to see many of you at Council this year,
Dave Cheng
Grumpy Old Man


Does ADB ever sponsor this event?

Dennis Surdu

ADB Sponsorship of SFB at Council

In the past, whenever we requested prize support from ADB, they have been very generous. They send a box with multiple items, probably over $200 in retail value. A mix of new good stuff and older stuff they want to clear out of the warehouse. In return, they ask that we run an ad in our registration booklet. This was a very fair exchange. After a while, we just stopped asking. We don't get the sense our players are really in it for the prizes.

There might be some other factors at work. Come to Council and we can talk about it in person.


Roll Call for Council

I have just updated the SFB at Council web page for this year's tournament.
You can see that here:

Time to start our annual Roll Call tradition.

We've already got brothers Jarod (SFBOL: sleepy_cat) and Tyson Ikeda committing to flying all the way in from California. And with our earlier date this year, we hear there's a good chance that several Battlegroup Toronto folks will attend as well.

Please either post here, on the ADB BBS, or contact me directly with your Committed/Probable/Maybe status.

I will update the web page regularly.


One month to Go

In this Council SFB Update:
* Calendar
* Beer
* Banquet
* Classy Room Upgrade
* Canada Invades the USA

This bulletin is going out on August 21st.  That means we are exactly one month away from Council of Five Nations 42 (September 20-22, 2019). 

Brewmaster Tos Crawford will once again be sharing his home brews with us at Council.  We are happy that he is able to continue with this generous, many-year tradition.

Time to start collecting a tally of those of you who will be arriving on Thursday evening in time for our annual SFB banquet.  Please reply to this message if you would like to join us.

We will be doing a little room shuffle at Proctors this year, but most of us will not be significantly affected.  Proctors has booked another event for Sunday, September 22nd in the area that is normally the Star Fleet Battles room.  To make it up to us, SFB and Battleground: Fantasy Warfare action will move to the Guild Room on Sunday.  The Guild Room is the fancy room across the arcade, up on the 2nd floor, where the (wealthy) Proctors patrons get to congregate and mingle.  So, this is an upgrade.  Please keep in mind, with the new 4-player finals tree, only the Finals match for the Council Cup, scheduled for 9am on Sunday, will be affected. 

Not only are a bunch of Battlegroup Toronto guys coming, but now Brandon Lally, from Alberta, is probably going to make it.  This means we are being invaded by both East coast AND West coast Canadians - a classic pincer strategy!  We 'Muricans need to rally to resist this military aggression!  A call to arms!

We've got 13 Committed, at least 11 Probables, and a few Maybes.  Please reply and let me know if we can add you to one of these lists, or promote you up from the list you're currently on.

Lots of Star Fleet Battles at Council info here:

Hope to see many of you in exactly a month!

One week until Council

In this Council SFB Update:
* Calendar
* Committed
* Banquet
* Schedule

This bulletin is going out on September 13th. That means we are exactly one week away from Council of Five Nations 42 (September 20-22, 2019).

We have seventeen players Committed to attending. Well, actually we have fifteen, plus two guys who are not-quite-Committed-but-more-than-Probable. So we'll count them as Committed.
We are very happy to have three Council First-Timers! Two Ikeda brothers, coming all the way from California. And Brendon Lally, all the way from Alberta.
We look forward to showing you newcomers some wonderful Council hospitality! (That's secret code for "All our overloaded Disruptors will be hitting every time..." ;-)

Looks like we will have at least seven, maybe more, for the SFB Banquet on Thursday night at 8pm. I will start coordinating details on that this weekend. It's not too late to join us - please reply to this message if you'd like to do so.

Even though the schedule says SFB starts at 2pm, it really starts for the early-birds at 10am on Friday. We've got a bunch of folks coming to town on Thursday night, so there will be plenty of SFB action on Friday morning.

Lots of Star Fleet Battles at Council info here:

Hope to see many of you in exactly a week!
It's not too late to join us!

Council Final Update: T minus 4 days

In today's Council SFB update (probably the last before Council):
* Calendar
* SFB Banquet
* Another Room Change
* Saturday Lunch Discussion - The future of SFB at Council
* Reminder - Finals is Top 4

Council of Five Nations 42 is this coming weekend, September 20-22, 2019. 

As is our tradition, early arrivers will dine together on Thursday night.  We will be meeting at 8:00 PM at Johnny's, the nice Italian place literally right across the street from Proctors.
433 State Street, Schenectady NY 12305
It's not too late to join us - please reply to this message if you'd like to do so.

We previously announced that SFB action on Friday & Saturday would be in the normal room, but would move on Sunday. 
There is another change, this time for the better.
We will be in the Guild Room, on the 2nd floor, across the arcade, all weekend.  No moving.  This goes for the Battleground players too.
We're a little more segregated from the rest of the convention, but it's a much shorter walk to the nearest restrooms.
And we get a very nice room to ourselves all weekend.

We have some ideas about the future of the SFB tournament at Council that we'd like to discuss.  We will do this during the lunch slot on Saturday, starting at 1:15 PM.  Get your lunch and bring it to the SFB room to participate.

Reminder - the format is changing this year.  The top FOUR best Win-Loss records at 6:00 PM on Saturday will advance to the finals.
Semi-finals is 7pm on Saturday.
Finals is 9am on Sunday.
You must be present to participate - playing the finals on SFBOL is no longer an option.

Lots of Star Fleet Battles at Council info here:

Hope to see many of you this coming weekend! 
It's not too late to join us!

The real final Council update: T minus 2 days

In what is really the last Council Update:
* SFB Banquet - 7:45 PM Thursday
* Weather
* Take One Leave One
* Star Trek: Ascendancy
* Kingzilla!

When I made the reservation, they asked if we could start at 7:45 PM.  So, that's the new target start time.
We hope the Ikeda brothers will get there in time for dessert - we're holding seats for you!
Location:  Johnny's, the nice Italian place literally right across the street from Proctors
433 State Street, Schenectady NY 12305

The forecast is clear and warm
Friday:  Partly Cloudy, High 80, Low 55
Saturday:  Sunny, High 85, Low 58
Sunday:  Mostly Sunny, High 86, Low 64

The library will be making its annual appearance.
Please click here to see an updated inventory list:
Please also consider bringing some stuff to trade.

I will bring my copy of Star Trek: Ascendancy.
This is definitely my favorite "4X" game, in the family of Twilight Imperium, Eclipse, and several others.
We will probably set up to play Saturday at 7pm, during the tournament semi-finals.
Let me know if you'd like to claim a spot, assuming you're not one of the four players in the finals.

We are happy to report that Seth "Kingzilla" Shimansky will be making it after all.

Lots of Star Fleet Battles at Council info here:

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Sixteen Players and Finals Tree

The finals free is set.

1. Tim Linden (4-1) Orion (probably HHgbb)
4. Big Ed Slusarek (2-1) Federation with G-rack

Note. Tim’s one loss in the patrol round was to Big Ed.

2. Seth Shimansky (2-0). Tholian ATC
3. Bill Schoeller (2-0). Federation with G-rack

16 distinct players. 4 re-entries.

The 12 that did not advance.
Fred Werenich. Hydran
Brendan Lally. Wyn Aux, Lyran
Dr Dave Zimdars. Kzinti
Jarod Ikeda. Kzinti
Tyson Ikeda. Kzinti
Dave Cheng. LDR
John Rigley. Wyn Aux
Marcus Giegerich. Klingon
Brook Villa. Fed g-rack
Tos Crawford. Klingon
Ken Burnside. Wyn Aux
Andrew Sackett. Seltorian, Tholian ATC

Bill Schoeller wins Council Cup Tournament 2020

Bill Schoeller wins the Council Cup for 2020!

I didn't see much of the game, so hopefully he and/or Tim Linden will post a game report.

I heard that after three turns of maneuver, the initial volley came down to a range 1 battle pass.