SFB at Council of Five Nations 41, October 5-7, 2018

It's time to crank up the machinery once again...

Council is now recruiting GMs.
Link to submit your event(s):

Event submission deadline for GMs is Sunday, July 22, 2018.

Council 41 is now about three months away.

Time to start compiling the Committed/Probable/Maybe list. Please post here and we'll add you.

Council is...
Friday, October 5 - Sunday, October 7, 2018

Full convention info:

Full info about SFB at Council of Five Nations:

I'm committed, Dave.

I'm committed, Dave.

Big Council update: Pre-Reg is Live

Hello Star Fleet Battles fans around the world,

Big news!
Pre-registration for Council of Five Nations went live today, September 4, 2018.

Also, not-coincidentally, we made a big update to the SFB at Council page.
You can see that here:

Quick summary of what you'll see:
  1. Info links for Council pre-reg
  2. Annual SFB Banquet on Thursday
  3. Tactics seminar with Dr Dave Zimdars
  4. Non-sanctioned tournament ships
  5. Take-One-Leave-One Library updates
  6. RSVP status:
    1. Committed = 13
    2. Probable = 4
    3. Maybe = 3+.
If we can add you to the Committed/Probable/Maybe list, please post here and let us know.

We hope to see many of you in just about a month (October 5-7).

17 Committed

Yesterday's email gave some guys a kick in the butt.
We are now at 17 committed.
More to come.

Scenario games @ Council?

I'm looking for people interested in playing some SFB scenario games at Council. Particularly interested in running SH20.0 Romulan Smugglers, which includes planetary ground combat and a BATS assault.

Status Report - 11 days until Council

Hello SFB Fans,

We're less than two weeks until our annual SFB tournament at Council of Five Nations.
We've got several updates to share today.

Pre-Reg closes in five days
There are only a few days left to save a few dollars by pre-registering for Council of Five Nations XLI.
Deadline:  Saturday, September 29th, 11:59 PM
Please note that if you miss pre-reg, you can always register at the door.

Hotel Room Share Available
Bill Schoeller, Ed Slusarak & Rob Estrada have two rooms booked at the Hampton Inn.  They have spare bed, if you are looking for lodging.  This is one of the most convenient locations to stay - it is literally only about 100 yards up the street from Proctors, the site of Council.  If you're interested, please post here and we'll connect you.

G-Rack Fed is back in
Elder Statesman "Big Ed" Slusarek has successfully lobbied us to once-again allow this ship into the tournament field.  No special SSD - just draw an extra box on your standard Fed TCC SSD and label it "Drone".

Tos Crawford is back, and will once again be bringing a selection of home brews for your drinking pleasure.

Last call for the Thursday night SFB banquet
If you're coming to town early, Thursday night, we will be having our typical SFB banquet at 8:00 PM.
We have six committed.  Please post here and let us know if you'd like to join us.

Convention Info
Please click here for full information on the Star Fleet Battles tournament.
Please click here to download the pre-registration booklet in PDF format.
Please click here to go to the the online registration page.
And, you can always click here for the main Council general info page.

We hope to see many of you at Council in eleven days!

Spare Bed Claimed


The spare bed at the Hampton Inn has been claimed.

Council Status Report & Weather

It's almost time...

Some of our out-of-towners will be arriving tomorrow. Some will hit the casino before our SFB banquet at 8pm. We've got a group of eight dining together.

SFB action is the first official event of the convention, starting at 10 AM on Friday.

Good convention weather...
Thursday evening - be prepared for thunderstorms. Warm & muggy.
Friday - Mostly sunny, cool, low 60s
Saturday - Partly cloudy, cool, mid 60s
Sunday - Partly cloudy AM. Warm front blows in bringing showers in the afternoon. Mid 70s.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of the Star Fleet community this weekend!


Council 2018 AAR and Finals game TONIGHT

We had 17 players at the Council of Five Nations XLI Star Fleet Battles patrol tournament this past weekend, including two trainees.
Our Ironman was Seth Shimanski, who played 7 games total.

The top eight who qualified for the finals:


1. Seth Shimansky - Hydran
8. Andrew Sackett - Orion

6. Bill Schoeller - Klingon
3. Peter Bakija - Gorn

4. Dr Dave Zimdars - Orion
5. Ken Burnside - WYN Aux

7. Rob Estrada - Kzinti
2. Ed Slusarek - Fed


Shimanski Defeats Schoeller
Zimdars Defeats Estrada


The finals game will happen on SFBOL TONIGHT,
Monday, October 8th
8:00 PM EDT

Feel free to drop in and sit in the peanut gallery!

... And we hope to see you at the Council tournament next year. We had a lot of regulars not able to attend this time, so we are looking forward to a bounce-back next year.

Council Cup finals match continues Oct 12

The Council Cup finals match will continue on SFBOL this Friday, October 12th, 8:00 PM EDT.

Zimdars wins Council 2018 Tournament

Dr Dave Zimdars racks up his second Council Cup win in the Orion.
He strips the Hydran of all weapons on turn six.
We hope and expect that Dr Z will post his game observations on the ADB BBS.