SFB at Council of Five Nations: Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017

Jeez, I can't believe I forgot to post something here!...
Catching up... I will add more soon.

Council is still recruiting GMs.
Link to submit your event(s):


Council 40 is now about two-and-a-half months away.

Time to start compiling the Committed/Probable/Maybe list. Please post here and we'll add you.

Council is...
Friday, September 29 - Sunday, October 1, 2017

Full info:



I plan on attending

I should be there--to be confirmed pending approval for leave from work.
I've started spreading the word here in Toronto and I hope to bring some Canadian players with me.

Council Players from Toronto

Add another Toronto player to the list. So that's two players so far and waiting on some other responses.

Cool Beans!

Keep up the good work!
The more the merrier!

Toronto Players

We now have two Toronto players very likely to attend and one more probable.
Is there a list of attendees at this point?

Roll Call Coming Soon!

I've gotta go to Ithaca tomorrow and probably go 0-2 vs Bakija and Evans in World Leauge-Old School-Face-to-Face-Action.
This is very high on my to-do list. Maybe Sunday? Probably Sunday.
Stay tuned!

Who are your two, so I can add their names?


Here's who we have so far

Here's who we have so far from Toronto:

1. Sebastian Palozzi (confirmed)
2. Fred Werenich (confirmed)
3. Kosta Michalopoulos (probable)

Team Ithaca

Team Ithaca is bringing:
-Peter Bakija
-Chris Proper
-Andrew Sackett
-Courtenay Footman

Ben Kalb is an outside possibility, but unlikely.

I've made my travel plans.

I've made my travel plans. I'm arriving about 6 pm on Thursday.

22 Committed and Counting

OK, I've finally updated the SFB at Council page on the main web site.
You can see that here:


We've got 22 players committed, and at least 8 more Probables and Maybes.

Pre-Registration is now open. You have until Monday, September 25th. After this, the whole-weekend badge that most SFB players get goes from $30 to $37. The ticket for the SFB tournament is another $5.

Please click here to download the full pre-reg booklet:

Please click here to register on-line, with immediate payment via PayPal or credit card:

More in the next posting.

Hope to see many of you in just three weeks!


Who else is coming to dinner on Thursday?

From what I've seen so far, here are the out-of-towners we have for the Thursday SFB dinner:
Dr Dave Zimdars
Two or three from Toronto
Sebastian Palozzi
Fred Werenich
Kosta Michalopoulos (probable)

Who else wants to join us?
Please post here or email me at Dave /at/ swa-gaming.org


Quick Update on Council SFB Tournament

Quick Update

We're still at 22 Committed. Kosta the Canadian upgraded to Committed, but we lost Rob Estrada due to a job change.

Also, Steve McCann is committed, and John Rigley probable, for Thursday dinner.

Please watch this page: http://www.swa-gaming.org/Star-Trek-Star-Fleet-Games-at-Council
for all the latest updates.

Hope to see many of you in two weeks!


SFB Dinner

We're up to nine for SFB dinner on Thursday the 28th.
Dr Dave Zimdars
Sebastian Palozzi
Fred Werenich
Kosta Michalopoulos (now committed)
Steve McCann
Bill Schoeller
Big Ed Slusarek
John Rigley (probable)
and me.

We will start planning details very soon. Please let me know if you're joining us.